Fun at Cebu’s Upside Down World and Extreme Aeropark
I’m always up for something new and interesting everyday and this is no exception. Now Cebu as you may all know is quite well-known for their awesome beaches, party places
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A Weekday at Manila
This vlog was basically a three (turned four) day trip to Manila on a weekday. I didn’t take much footage over the course of the trip because I was saving
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Beach Day at Kawayan Cliff Resort
Check out this new resort in town! This hidden gem of a place is at Pagahan, Initao, Misamis Oriental called Kawayan Cliff Resort. It’s a 40 minute drive from the
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How to: Popin’ Cookin’ Candy Bento Kit
Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ is hugely popular among candy fanatics because it’s a series of Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kits. This kit is done by simply mixing their specially packed candy
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That One Time At Tawi-Tawi
I will come back Tawi-Tawi! It was our first time to travel to Tawi-Tawi! The land of seafood, sun, sand and beaches as far as the eye can see! The
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Vlog: That Tourism Video
This is the vlog where I show you what went on behind the scenes with several outtakes, bloopers and the funny parts. It was a four day intensive adventure of going
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Lunch at Circa Eatery 1850
Welcome to the deliciously natural Circa Eatery 1850. It’s quite a dining experience with a combination of a hearty meal and local cuisine served into one. They serve healthy and
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Bukidnon: A Weekend at Dahilayan
Went away for the weekend to Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon! Yay! You could say this was a Dahilayan Weekend. It was lovely and windy way to de-stress from the everyday work
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Visiting Dahilayan Adventure Park
Visiting Dahilayan Adventure Park and checking out their attractions. Most, if not all of them are for the thrillseeker of heights. They’ve got three zipline rides, a dropzone, sky jumps,
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