Hello there, my name is Porsche.

Welcome to my blog. I polish rocks for a living and this is my creative space. This my place to share the nice things in life and what makes it worth living. This blog likes to talk about good food, movies to watch (cartoons and anime included), noise candy, awesome reads and places I have been to that’s good for the being. It also contain do-it-yourself projects that have actually been done step by step, easy-to-make recipes, rants and more geeky things the eye can find. I like

I’ll be honest with you though, you’ll get to see the parts that make up my being from the forgetful to the kind and clumsy in between….

Who? One of those introverted adventurers in her mid 20′s
An enthusiast on all the whimsical things in life
Has always been captivated by all the surreal and mysterious.
Her idea of a perfect day would be staying at home and curling up to a good book
A good night out is going to rock shows.
On most days you will find her busy as a bee with a camera by her side.
She hopes to get a tattoo someday
You can read more from her bucket list here.


To make a difference, be the best version of myself and to travel the world are my top three goals in this lifetime.