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Behind That Tourism Video
This is where I show you what went on behind the scenes with several outtakes, bloopers and the funny parts. A four day intensive adventure of going out and about Iligan City with friends! We’re quite a funny bunch and yes I’m awkward IRL.


Lunch at Circa Eatery 1850
Welcome to the deliciously natural Circa Eatery 1850. It’s quite a dining experience with a combination of a hearty meal and local cuisine served into one.

A Weekend at Dahilayan
It was lovely and windy way to de-stress from the everyday work routine by being disconnected for a while and just simply taking in a breath of cold fresh air in the mountains.


How to: Bento Candy Kit
Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ is a series of Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kits that’s is hugely popular among candy fanatics. This kit is done by simply mixing their specially…


How To: Make Bottlenirs
Got extra sand in your pockets after hitting the beach? Here’s a little DIY you can do which can serve as a small memento for keeps or souvenirs


Store Fresh Mushrooms
There are a lot of methods when it comes to storing fresh mushrooms and I did these by blanching and freezing them. Here’s how you do it…


Zenith Smart Scale Review
Looking for an affordable smart scale? Get the Zenith 4-in-1 Wireless Smart Weighing Scale! It’s equipped with 4 features  such as…


Alphabear: Bears That Spell
m a sucker for cute mobile games and Alphabear is one of them. There’s nothing quite like a mobile word game with growing cube shaped bears absorbing letter blocks


Eco Soul Henna Brow Review
I just wanted to share my review on something i’d never thought I would appreciate it’s very existence to the point that I constantly use it only when needed.