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People have been egging me on to do this to which I am but at my own pace and a little behind on the trend. Haha. I liked reading up on my friends 20 things list and got to know them based on how they talked and shared a part about themselves. Here’s my list:

20. I am a leftie and that includes all the assumptions surrounding it. My family still keeps on correcting me when I use it dominantly (it’s a culture thing) except when I write or draw though, they’ve given up on that part.

19. My blood type is B. I just discovered that little fact this year. All this time I kept saying I was an AB but then one day I asked my mom and dad out of the blue what their blood type was, She was a B and he an O and my siblings are both B. Now that can’t be right now? So of to the diagnostic center I went. Ta-da! I’m a type B

18. A daredevil. My friends fear for my safety often times especially when I start asking the unusual questions like ‘Do you think that would hurt?’ or  the questions that start with ‘What if…’ and I may have the secret power of persuasion when it comes to doing something silly. The line, ‘It’s dangerous business’ always pops out when I suggest something.

17. One time I had my hand accidentally super glued to a doorknob for 4 hours. I did not do that on purpose and I was alone with nothing to pry it loose with. So kids, never mess with the power of cyanoacrylate.

16. I have a strange fascination of the paranormal and beyond except aliens. You name it, I love reading and listening to experiences on astral projection, reincarnation, destinies, soulmates, chiromancy, folklore, mythology and a lot of other things. I like tarot readings and have always wondered what my tea leaf reading would be. I love watching a starry sky.

15. My soccer skills are abominable to the point that it is offensive. Unfortunately for me, being surrounded by soccer players and avid fans alike  make me nervous that I fall silent when their heads turn to me. Count me in some other sport as long as it’s not soccer…or ping pong, please.

14. I plan on shaving my head some time in the future. Much to the dismay of friends and family who always discourage me from doing it. The BFF tattoo will happen as well, I assure you that.


13. Travelling really gets me going. the thought of packing your bags and doing an itinerary makes me want to leave at the soonest time and in a good way! I look forward to completing my wander list someday. I love the freedom and it gives me that sense of control with how I live my life. The best way to have a record of your adventure is to always bring a camera! Let me tell you in advance that I am also the female with zero navigational skills. I’m doing my best to hone my skills though, life is a journey.

12. I love animals. Excluding the house gecko. I have had many pets such as dogs (someone please get me a pug), cats, birds, a guinea pig, hamsters, water snakes, a crab, fish, a skink, and more. I’d love to have them around as company despite the non-speaking terms especially reptiles and the wild ones. I’ll get my hands on a ball python someday. There was a turtle in our yard one time, but it went ninja on its own.

11. Rock. You might not think it at first glance, but my favorite music is of the heavier variety. You’re more likely to find me on the edge of a mosh pit than dancing in a club. My guilty pleasure is listening to classical piano music, shush. I am also now making music of my own because I want to get out of my shell and conquer that singing stage fright!

10. Food is good. I will rarely be pointed as a picky eater. In fact, I’m more of the adventurous kind. If it’s for edible and set on the table then by golly, scarf it down with gusto.

9. My social skills are dismal and awkward but I compensate by listening to others intently. I find it difficult to speak my mind but I talk too fast when I get extremely enthusiastic about stuff . I guess that’s why I like writing, except my bio. I love words, and think more about proper spelling & grammar than one girl should. No I do not like criticizing others, I’d rather see the good in them.

8. Confession: I am very accident-prone and clumsy. The latter to which I’m not proud of. This makes #18 all the more dangerous. It’s not an ideal combination when you’re prone to anxiety such as myself. Just keep calm, keep calm and stay put and look where you’re going.

7. I have lived in Qatar for six developing years. You could say I was that shy expat kid that lived in the state of sandstorms and natural gas with too much time on their hands in a matchbox house.


6. Xenophobia? I have an irrational fear of aliens and being abducted by one is the most horrifying situations to happen wherein i’d rather kill myself with anything on my bedside, like a spoon if they did not have me under their mind control powers. I think I watched too much Discovery Channel on their alien week special. See: Chupacabras.

5. Bags are my friend/foes, especially those with an innumerable amount of pockets. I’ve got a love/hate relationship going on because of my tendency to rush things while forgetting where I specifically placed them. Aside from the loose change, camera, notebook and among other things, I tend to unconsciously shove in odd things like your everyday hammer, plushies or that random piece of underwear.

4. Femininity is a learning process for me. Back then, I used to resent being born with the XX chromosome because of so many limitations being set on me just because of my gender. That is why I tend to lean on masculine interests just to be taken seriously and forgot the perks of being a girl. But I have come to find out over time that being female will not stop you from doing the things you can, you want, you choose unless you let it. I admit I am new to doing things the girly way from brow brushes to stilettos. I am the kind to dress for comfort and reason, random on some days maybe (like a bear suit). That is why I want to share what I can so that this may be a little push to other females like me to come out of their timid shells.

3. I like having new experiences. It doesn’t really matter if they’re good or bad because that’s what makes me feel like a well-rounded human aside from reading books. You grow and you learn with each experience, you learn to overcome your fears and realize your strengths. Take a chance and try those activities you’ve been meaning to try out for some time already!

2. Those who know me often call me an eccentric. I like my milk with scoops of ice cream and chunks of cake, I don’t like to see my hands near my face before I sleep because they might choke me during my sleep, I don’t want to be noticed by people but I get woebegone when they don’t listen while i’m talking, watching operation procedures and discussions on diseases excite me, I still dislike pink, as a kid I used to put tape on my knuckles thinking it  would make them smaller, my curiosity level is still off the roof. To thine own-self be true, I passed strange a long time ago just by trying to be an honest little kid.

1. I look for beauty in all things and people. It’s not about being superficial but rather you could say some sort of twisted optimism (I don’t see myself as an optimist with me being such a worry wart). Seeing beauty in everything makes life better. Just think about how you feel when you see something really beautiful. You are in awe. You are moved. You are excited by the possibilities of beautiful things in your life. Now just think about what it would be like to feel that way all the time (or most of the time). I guess that’s why people always think I’ve got this childlike personality going on.


So that’s about it for now! I’d love to share more with you but I think this post was getting too long. Thank you for reaching to the end of this post dear reader, I congratulate you with a big invisible pat on the back. Do you have 20 random things about yourself as well? I’d love it if you shared yours as well in the comments!

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    theyangone says:

    Thank you very much for appreciating Sir and I will let you know on that head shaving thing once I do that! Hahaha!


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