An Unhappiness of Pupa

pupaNow this is an eye-poppingly grotesque series that made me think of blood, meat and the gagging sibling complex commonly seen in the anime storylines these days. It’s about a brother and a sister infected by the Pupa (ピューパ Pyūpa) virus that turns them into something more than human and yet they form some sort of twisted parasitic slash closer emotional bond with each other. A horribly made anime series which I had to review to warn you to not expect too much from it or you will be crushed in minutes. I partially recommend this to the lovers of horror and gore and people keen on hearing anime moaning sounds of pain repeatedly for them to reach some sort of climax.

It would’ve been nice if everything was just a dream.

The story follows the abused and abandoned siblings Utsutsu and Yume Hasegawa which shows how their lives were when they were kids and how they are now. Upon contracting the virus, Yume (the sister) turns into a large insectoid flesh eating monster and kills several people in its path only to be stopped and reverted back by the Ututsu (the brother) and killing him in the process. The brother then wakes up and realizes he has become whole again as if nothing had happened since he contracted the Pupa virus as well and instead of turning into something like Yume he gets to have the regenerative powers instead. As they try to lead their lives as normal as any infected individual they get to become human experiements by a sadistic scientist with the fashion sense of a hag.

puparedbutterflyThe animation isn’t as great as the poster since it did not do the pulsating mass of wounds any justice. The gore reminded me of meat being masticated for the consumption of carnivorous animals. The colors are a bit off and faded, good thing it did accomplish that horror look to it. Some scenes seem to have been cut out badly .  The chewy whimpering sounds the sister was making the whole time while munching on her onii-san  left me wanting to mute the whole thing.

The television series itself which was produced by Studio Deen was originally a 2011–2013 Japanese horror manga series written and illustrated by Sayaka Mogi. Every episode lasted only for about 4 minutes which was quite short and made the storyline a bit too rushed. The anime didn’t do the manga enough justice. There were episodes that merely focused on the romanticised bond they had and not the development of the virus itself aside from the cannibalism. It left me bothered and wanting to know more about the details so I had to read the manga to satisfy my curiousity and I did not regret it one bit.

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