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Di Ingon Nato

Now this Visayan film is quite something especially for indie film lovers of horror with the zombie craze in their system. I personally was compelled to watch this out of curiousity for a rockstar’s acting skills since the protagonist was Franco Reyes (of Franco). It’s a movie about how the local townsfolk would deal with […]

Kumbira Moments 2013

Hello! I’m happy you stumbled upon this old post. That means you read through my photography list and clicked on #10! First of all Kumbira an annual culinary festival , is the flagship project of the Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Association-COHARA. Kumbira aims to showcase the best culinary creations of the Region while incorporating […]


This is just a meager list of the places I want to visit within my lifetime and what I plan to do and where to go when I get there. I’ll be adding more things to do and places to go every now and then. It’s in alphabetical order according to country Take a selfie at […]

A Childhood Favorite: Totoro!

Year: 1988 Rating: G Duration: 88 minutes   While reminiscing through baby photo books I came upon these tiny stickers of random and old cartoons and a vague memory of sticking on a particular set I got as a mystery prize from a noodles pack when I was about five years old caught my attention. I had to ask my mom […]

An Unhappiness of Pupa

Now this is an eye-poppingly grotesque series that made me think of blood, meat and the gagging sibling complex commonly seen in the anime storylines these days. It’s about a brother and a sister infected by the Pupa (ピューパ Pyūpa) virus that turns them into something more than human and yet they form some sort of twisted parasitic […]

The Anatomy of Milk Tea

Milk tea •  An aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over  cured leaves of the tea plant with the addition of a small amount of milk. Flavors would vary just like ice cream flavors. Milk tea is prepared in various ways and the ones I’ve tried so far are: