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How To: Create Your Own Bottlenir

Got extra sand in your pockets after hitting the beach? Here’s a little DIY for making a bottlenir which can serve as a small memento for keeps or souvenirs you can give out to friends. I got this idea when I just remembered that I had a bunch of tiny bottles lying around in my room. […]

She Gets Inked

Nope, that my friend ain’t me. That’s Jilly and she just had her first ever tattoo done by Junepher of F.O.D. Hardcore Tattoo Shop. She had been planning this for years and I guess this was the day to get it. I was commissioned do the design. She asked for a dragonfly to be done […]

Procrastinating With Images

Quick scribbles of me done by my sister at an interval of every three minutes. I swear I did not make her do this, she took photos of me in secret and drew them on some random notebook. It feels nice when they surprise you with drawings because I’m usually the one doing the other […]

The Saem Eco Soul Henna Marker Brow – A Review

I have never actually prioritized my brows when it came to my usual make-up routine. I just groom and shape them once in a while when they start to run amok because I really lack the skills to highlight, fill in, shade and among other things you can possibly do to your brows. Personally, I […]

How to: Store Mushrooms The Easy Way

We had a huge wild mushroom haul a couple of days ago. The whole batch weighed at about 22lbs. and it was quite a surprise that Grandpa found them whole and untouched so he hurriedly dug them out and took them home for us to prepare. Now being the mushroom lover that I am, I […]

How to: Patch Your Pants

Don’t want to throw out your favorite pair of jeans even if it got ripped in parts no one wants to see? Patch it in the scribbled way. What is patching exactly? Patching is to mend or strengthen (fabric or an item of clothing) by putting a piece of material over a hole or weak point […]

Childhood Regression, An Unofficial Play-doh Unboxing

Nobody, I repeat, nobody is never too old to play with Play-doh. We got our hands messy unboxing and trying out Sweet Bakin’ Creations Playset by Play-doh. Ah childhood regression at it’s best because 90’d kids love to get their hands busy! Nurture your child’s creativity and imagination with this Play-Doh Sweet Bakin’ Creations Play […]

We Push Paraded!

 First things first, what is this Go Skateboarding Day they speak of? Go Skateboarding Day (GSD) is an official annual holiday conceived by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) to promote skateboarding. It is usually marked on June 21. It has been on Father’s Day. – Wikipedia This event is mostly organized by your […]

Camper Planner Unboxing

This would probably one of the most random things i’d ever buy midyear considering most people would get these by the end or at the start of a new year. What made me want to get one was for the need to organize my schedules the old fashioned way, jotting them down. I got this […]

Cliff Swinging at MSU Marawi

So I went to Ayin’s graduation at MSU Marawi on a early and fine day. We took the jeep which was probably the safest and commonly used mode of transportation these days at only 50php! The duration of the trip is at about an hour but may take 2 hours when theres heavy traffic. I […]