A Weekday at Manila

This vlog was basically a three (turned four) day trip to Manila on a weekday. I didn’t take much footage over the course of the trip because I was saving battery life which was probably not a good idea. Our sole purpose on this travel was to watch Phoenix Live in Manila despite the hectic schedule. I personally had this little list where I planned on going and eating but it looks like time and circumstances did not permit me to follow that said list. 🙁

Many of life’s adventures are unplanned.

Day 0 (Travel)

This is travel day. It was a 2.5 hour bus ride from Iligan to Laguindingan. It was longer than usual because of the checkpoints and road reconstructions, plus it was a rainy evening. Checking-in at Laguindingan Airport was a breeze despite the inevitable boarding delays but all in all it was alright. Just make sure you arrive an hour earlier than the check-in time. Another cool thing when traveling to Manila late at night is that there isn’t much hustle and bustle because traffic wasn’t as bad as usual.

I booked my stay via Airbnb. This was my second experience to try it out and here’s the kicker. You can get a huge discount on your first booking if you sign up with this link here! http://bit.ly/2ipT9SX

What I liked about it was that it was very affordable compared to hotel accommodations and the amenities are similar as that to a home since technically, you’re renting out someone else’s house with complete amenities. It’s like a home away from home.

Day 1 (Concert Day)

I made a mental note next time to email the organizers for a media pass if one is to take photos and footage during events such as this one. They were strict with their no DSLR bringing policy so I had to leave it along with the other things in my bag which they kept tucked away at their counter. For one to enjoy an event such as this one, it is best to read up on their announcements. There may be sudden venue changes (like this one) or they may post what items you should and should not bring.

Don’t forget to dress comfortably. I knew this was going to be slightly warm since I was going to sardine myself along with many others in the standing VIP section. I loved every minute of the chaos. The music and spending time with random people who love a band with the same fervor as you, now that’s a great way to enjoy a night.

I still can’t forget about that literal backstage free pass and the crowd-surfing crash. It was damn funny.

Day 2 (Free Day)

Miki led me to a crystal shop in Makati Avenue. I got myself a round rose quartz crystal and a quartz for good measure. It was a good walk going there and we passed along several Korean and Japanese grocery stores. After that, we randomly walked in on adult store which I failed to get some footage of 🙁 but it was quite funny and their merchandise was very…very interesing!

It was Chris’s idea to try out Señor Pollo, a Mexican themed restaurant at Makati. There was a vast amount of tourists at the area it was located. They had the best roast chicken I have ever had in a very long time. The chicken was seasoned to the point that the spices have seeped to the bone and yet the meat inside was tender. It was just so good! Their side dishes were also pretty tasty. We had Patatas Bravas, Colombian Beans, Mac N’ Cheese, French Fries and that Spicy Rice. Their sauces were remarkable as well and you had a lot to choose from!

Day 3 (Re-booking)

One thing this day has taught me was to never ever underestimate the check-in time. This resulted in a missed flight despite arriving with less than five minutes to spare. Also, always do a web check-in next time if you have a feeling that you’re going to be a bit late. Re-booking is a costly thing since its the same as practically paying for another flight. Got to stay an extra day.

With this extra day, I got to meet a not so little french bulldog at La Salle Greenhills named Logan!

Day 4 (Home)

Today was the ideal day to go home. I’m coming back to the peaceful place of 11PM curfew and of course, Martial Law. This I would never trade in for anything else unless its a month long free staycation at somewhere I have never been to.

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