Beach Bumming at Pacific Heights, Samal Island


A view from our lil hut

Just as we were about to bid our adieus with Jess that evening, we decided to go the travelworthy island garden city of Samal islands for some beachbumming just to kill time. This was my second time to visit the said island. Samal is the beach of Davao City. Only 10 minutes away by ferry from the fast growing town. If you are sick of shopping malls and traffic, noise and pollution, come and relax on this little island with almost 80,000 friendly people.

Travel Info:
Barge fare : 10PHP
Duration: 10 mins.
Interval: every 5 mins.


We travelled to Pacific Heights Beach Resort which is located at Brgy. Camudmud, Igacos The area has just been recently developed so there were not much people around considering that it was a weekday as well. Let me tell you that the weather at that time was very much ideal for swimming! But we didn’t have any extra clothes anymore so we just settled for some sightseeing and sand soaking.

As you can see, the sand is quite fine. The area is very clean without a hint of trash anywhere. The view is awesome especially if you happen to be the type to stare out into open sea. We had quite a light lunch since our tumtums we’re still good from the Bulcachong. Good thing I brought my ukelele along on this travel!


I would also like you to know dear reader that Pacific Heights has an entrance fee of 100php, this is also inclusive to the use of their bathrooms and shower areas. The cottages are for rent which is at about 250php per day. Aside from beach bumming, they offer a lot of activities as well like jet skiing, banana boats, kayaks, snorkeling, paddle boating (which we did, haha) and more. They even offer video coverage during your snorkeling adventure. You can check out their rates here. They have rooms which are comfortable enough if you’re up for an overnight stay.


I really wanted to try out their skin diving because we were told that it was of their latest activities and they’re offering it right now at 250php only with the video coverage already. This was originally priced at 500php.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to because my companions were having their own monthly tides and it required a minimum of two people. Boo :/

The food was alright and the price wasn’t that expensive but what bothered me most was that they had a corkage fee for items you may possible bring like a rice cooker or a radio! Check out the rates here. samal13samal2

How to get to Pacific Heights Beach Resort:

You can get there with the aid of motorcycles or tricycles which have a rate of about 200php. Take note that you can haggle since there are a lot of them to choose from once you step outside the port. One can also make deals with the driver in case you want them to be your ‘suki’ driver on your future visits.

samal5 samal4samal7samal3

For more information, you might want to try to check out this page:

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