Breaking The Blinking Cursor

Hello there! I just wanted to let you know i’m still alive and kicking. I took a break from a lot of things and I am now back on track. I’ve been feeling out of sorts the past couple of months and I felt like I wanted to get a breather from the www. I haven’t talked to people much and there are a ton of things I have to do. I’m thinking of getting a planner even though it might be a bit late seeing as it’s already the midyear. Oh well, maybe this could help me out with my schedule in some way. I’ve discovered something new and this would be doing hair tattoos for fun. I haven’t gone out in a while, you could say I have become a shut-in as of late.


Another thing is that my beloved camera has passed on…to another owner. That hit the depression box for me big time. Now i’m on the lookout for a new one (i’m open to secondhand ones as well) and i’ve got a feeling it’s going to take a bit of time. Just thinking about it tears my heart (and wallet) into pieces. I’m thinking of doing a garage sale. I’ve already got the items ready and i’ll be posting them later to my facebook profile after I finish editing a hunk of photos and videos from previous shoots

Note to self:

  • Look for ways to motivate yourself!
  • Write down your to-do’s
  • Do memory exercises
  • Talk to people
  • Stop overthinking
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