Let’s Bulcachong Tsong!


This place holds something of interest to those in search of an authentic Davao dish called Bulcachong. What is it exactly? First of all it’s buffalo(carabao) meat that’s been cooked for several hours to utter tenderness and seasoned generously with ingredients known only by the maker named Chong. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a taste of this infamous stew, back then I was still a short term teenage runaway. I have always craved to taste this once again and my wish finally came true!


As you can see the soup has a rich orange tinge to it. There’s a slightly overpowering aroma of spices and meat. It may be a bit intimidating for a first timer with how it looks. I do assure you the richness of the flavor and the tenderness of the meat is similar to that of Bulalo or Pochero yet different in its way. One serving can already fill the stomach of a starving man at just 90php only. They also provide extra soup for you in smaller bowls.

Rapa sa Toro, sarap para sa lahat!

The best way to eat this is to generously squeeze several calamondins! Some would add more chili (not me though). There is a slight kick of spices (especially ginger) once you swallow the broth. Take note that the meat has some bone shards at times. So pay attention to what you’re eating. I was told that this serving was a local’s comfort food at night. Some prefer to eat this during the early hours of dawn after a drinking session.

bulcachong2 They have outside seating as well to those who want that breath of fresh air which they price their Bulcachong at only 75php. We enjoyed our food inside the premises though since it was quite a hot day. The main store is open for 24 hours, this is absolutely the ideal place try something local and heavy on the tummy. Bulca Chong Restaurant is located at General Luna near Gaisano Illustre just a block or two after Apo View Hotel.

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