Camper Planner Unboxing

This would probably one of the most random things i’d ever buy midyear considering most people would get these by the end or at the start of a new year. What made me want to get one was for the need to organize my schedules the old fashioned way, jotting them down. I got this one from FILED. The dimensions for this one is at 6×6. Easy to fit in any bag.

What I liked about their planner was that they offered to customize my name on the cover with whit ink! Cute ain’t it? Mind you their maximum characters are four letters only. The cover is in navy blue which was different from their store, it kinda had a purple tone to it but nonetheless it was pretty with its silver stamped cover.


My item arrived 2 weeks after purchase. I knew of this already since they notified me that it takes them within 7-15 business days to ship  your item. Their courier was via 2GO. I was worried during the first week because there wasn’t any notification whatsoever that they sent the item but I waited patiently and viola it arrived unexpectedly! It was wrapped in a plastic film then packed nicely too in a white box.


It contained two freebies which was a printed watercolored postcard that served as a quaint keepsake and a green Faber-Castell CX Colour Ballpoint Pen. The pen I found unexpected because it was posted on their site that it was a Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen. 🙁


Here are the contents! The thickness of each page was at 80 GSM, ideal for scribbling. There is no date so you can fill it in by yourself. Good thing too so I can use it till the next year/s.


Each month was divided by a monthly travel photo which was taken by local explorers. There was also an expense tracker to which you can write down what you’ve spent and the like.


It had a go list page where you can write down the possible places you want to travel. Their additional travel tips are most welcomed!

DSC_0030 DSC_0034DSC_0055

I’ll be filling this up with good things and photos. 🙂


Sadly, the back cover had irreparable scratches as you can see here but nonetheless i’m pretty sure this planner will serve its purpose and that is to organize my schedule and make me less forgetful. I love it and thank you FILED!


Overall, my transaction with them was smooth as it can be. I do hope they make their customer service better by notifying their customers of their tracking numbers once they send the item.

You can get this planner here!

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