These are posts that contain tutorials, recipes, do-it-yourself and more tried and tested things by Porsche. It may not always be successful, but you get to learn many ways not to do it. And even more ways how to do it!

That December Wedding

Spray-painting pots into gold, making little penguins from poly clay, cutting out invites were among the things I helped out with Leia’s wedding last December. But I’m not going to talk about that, I’m here to talk about this project which I will be posting. Here’s the bride’s shoes and their wine box which I customized to their request.

A December Wedding

Attending a December wedding is one of the best times to end your year. Did I also tell you that the bride and groom kept it all at a hush and nobody even posted a peep about it in social media. Everyone only knew about it a month later.

The Shoes

You’d never think that these dainty pair would be painted on eh? But they are! The placement of the design was specifically requested by the client which was inspired from a previous pair she found on Pinterest.

She especially requested a floral design with all the freedom I could do. Now first of all, it worried me that the art might fade away in due time after several uses. She assured me though that she won’t be using it but instead would keep it as one of her keepsakes.

Here’s how I did it. I sketched on to the soles with a ball point pen which I then filled in with white acrylic. Colored acrylic paint was then added with about 2-3 layers of paint. I then used a special marker to line it. As for the other side, trying to even it out was a struggle but I did manage to copy it thanks to a thin layer of paper wherein the marker ink sunk to the other side directly to the other shoe. I then did the same process with the other shoe. Scroll down for more photos!

The Wine Box

I used several layers of white acrylic paint when it came to embossing their initials on this wine box. As for the greenery surrounding it, this was directly painted without any sketching. The box itself was made by a local wood crafting shop called Memory Keepers. This took me a while to finalize since my original plan was to simply spraypaint a white matte layer for the initials but it didn’t go well as planned. I hac to redo it with brush and paint and by hand.

How to: Popin’ Cookin’ Candy Bento Kit

Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ is hugely popular among candy fanatics because it’s a series of Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kits. This kit is done by simply mixing their specially packed candy powder with water. I’ve been fascinated with these babies for quite a few years now ever since I discovered the world of Konapun except that Kracie’s version are edible!2
This is the BENTO KIT which I purchased from Agent Dolly. Does that not look adorbs!? The packaging looks fun and colorful enough to make me rip up the box and excitedly go crazy with the contents. Don’t do this though because the instructions are at the back which are written in Japanese (not sure if it’s in Hiragana or Katakana so don’t ask me that ✌️). Good thing the minuscule photos are understandable. 

I also learned this product contains soybeans, egg, milk, squid. To those allergic, just don’t eat it.3

Upon opening you can see that the kit was wrapped in a foiled package which had instructions and the packaging for your candy bento. So do not throw it away just yet and be careful not to tear it up recklessly. The package contained a plastic tray for molding and measuring the water, a tiny spoon which you used to mix, a plastic bag for piping your spaghetti and the seven powder packets for making the candy food.


Click on the image for a bigger resolution




Before you start opening your packets, do not forget to wash your hands first! This isn’t just a toy since you may or may not be eating this afterwards. First thing is to cut out the corner that says where to cut out because this will serve as your water measurement cup!








You can then start by adding in the powder to the molds. Do this really carefully since we don’t want a powdery mess of colored candy now do we? Start with the broccoli powder mix, do the egg roll next, then the octopus sausage. Make sure that the water touches all corners of the mold.







Do the rice balls next. This one has a different viscosity compared to the others because its fluffier and you have to form it into shapes! Mix well because we don’t want this to turn out lumpy.

Open up the sesame powder and press the rice ball powder down there. Don’t be afraid to press thoroughly.







Do the fried chicken mix next! It looks like the real thing once you form them. Ain’t it cute? Also do clean in between mixes so that the mold won’t have any extra residue from the previous mix.







Here’s another tip for the spaghetti mix. Make sure you cut out the tip of plastic bag based on the instructions because it won’t look like spaghetti if you cut the tip bigger than actually needed.


I’ll be uploading the video tutorial soon  and taste test! Here’s the English version of their instruction manual to which you can view here.

What I think about it:

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

I had fun doing the whole thing! The candies themselves smell really nice and it tastes alright. But face it, one does not make this purchase for the flavor but rather the fun factor. It was slightly messy so you had to be really careful not to get it mixed up with the others. Also, the black powder which was used for the onigiri didn’t last long and immediately melted when it came in contact with the “riceball” candy. It turned into a gloopy mess :/ and the ears didn’t stick to the face at all. Oh well, atleast I didn’t mess most of it up! This product is definitely fun for parties, sleepovers and as gifts to friends who are simply into cute edible things such as myself.

How To: Create Your Own Bottlenir

Got extra sand in your pockets after hitting the beach? Here’s a little DIY for making a bottlenir which can serve as a small memento for keeps or souvenirs you can give out to friends. I got this idea when I just remembered that I had a bunch of tiny bottles lying around in my room. It was supposed to be for some future craft work but I guess this is one of those. Here’s how you can store your tiny memories of places you’ve been to. An example here would be the sand found in various beaches in Siargao when I had my week long vacation. I was practically wearing the same pair of shorts for every beach outing we had and along the way I didn’t notice that I was collecting a handful of sand with me. I only realized this when I got home and did some serious laundry.



  • A tiny glass bottle (Anything that suits your fancy would be fine)
  • Cork stopper
  • Random dry objects (things you’re going to put inside)
  • Glue
  • Tweezers
  • Tiny Labels


First of all, clean your bottles if they’re dirty. Here I’ve made my own little labels and cut them out like so.


Now I put a dab of white glue to the surface. Make sure to put just an amount that’s good enough to cover the whole surface. Trust me you don’t want to put in too much because it’s going to be prtty messy later on.


Now with the use of tweezers. Carefully insert the label to the bottle without touching the sides as much as possible. This is going to be slightly messy if you put in too much glue. Slowly stick the glued surface to the side of the bottle. Keep in mind to avoid air bubbles before the glue completely dries out by apply a little bit of pressure on the unglued side. Make sure the label is aligned with the bottle. Now patiently wait for it to dry at about 15 minutes or until you can see the glue becomes clear.


Now you can fill it up with anything you like! After you do this, don’t forget to glue the sides of the stopper to the bottle and wait for it to dry before displaying or using!


How to: Store Mushrooms The Easy Way

We had a huge wild mushroom haul a couple of days ago. The whole batch weighed at about 22lbs. and it was quite a surprise that Grandpa found them whole and untouched so he hurriedly dug them out and took them home for us to prepare. Now being the mushroom lover that I am, I was quite thankful for being given such a prize yet worried because we surely can’t eat all of them in a day. So what do you do? You prepare them for storing.

There are a lot of methods when it comes to storing fresh mushrooms and I did these by blanching and storing them. Here’s how you do it:


Clean your mushies thoroughly. Soak them in water and cut them in pieces they way you want them to be cut. Slice out the darkened parts and the base. Make sure they’re clean from the cap and gills down to the stalk.

(This took me about 2 hours to finish since I was washed and cleaned them all by myself.)



Get a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Place the mushrooms and blanch it for about 3 minutes.IMG_9188


After 3 minutes, take them out and put them in a container with ice cold water. As you can see I placed some ice cubes in mine to stop the cooking process.



Drain the mushrooms and wait for them to cool down. Bag them up in resealable container and store them in your freezer and you are done!

How to: Patch Your Pants

Don’t want to throw out your favorite pair of jeans even if it got ripped in parts no one wants to see? Patch it in the scribbled way. What is patching exactly? Patching is to mend or strengthen (fabric or an item of clothing) by putting a piece of material over a hole or weak point in it. In this case it would be someone’s pants. Here’s a before & after photo. You can scroll down and see all three pants I patched in different directions. Click on the video above to see how I actually did these. jeanpatch1

All you need is:

  • A piece of cloth (I used black denim on the ones here)
  • Scissors (to cut the patch with)
  • Thread (Any color to your liking)
  • A sewing machine! You could handstitch this but this may take sometime.


DSC_0034First things first, we cut out a patch. For this example I cut out a square from old denim shorts that weren’t of use anymore. Cut out a square that is slightly bigger than the area to be mended. DSC_0036 Now you place it on the wrong side (the hidden side that makes contact with your skin and pin it around. the area so the patch wont move too much while you’re sewing. Slowly but surely you can now start doing your thing! So here are three different kinds of pants with various holes (tears were too minor if you looked at it) all from skateboarding mishaps. You can see how much they were loved by the owner (hint: boyfran). I sewed them in three ways: First, I did this in various directions. Think of it like some sort of scribble star. Up and down, left and right. I personally enjoyed sewing this one because you can create your own shapes.

Patch Your Pants Before & After

This was cutely sewn by the said owner but it still tore. The tear was located on the anal area and oh dear I do not want to think what pierced it.

Second, This one was done in one direction. I found this very suitable for long tears.

Patch Your Pants Before & After

This was on the butt area as well and bigger than the first one. This one was sewn just back and forth in one direction.

Last, I did this one just like the previous style but in two directions. So you get the look of a grid. This kind of tear was the one that got frayed. I didn’t take out the frays because they looked artsy enough. We just need to make them stronger and prevent them from getting bigger by patching.

Patch Your Pants Before & After

I’m pretty sure the crotch area took the beating for this one.

So that’s about it! Pretty easy eh? All three pants took me around 15 minutes each and to this day I have not heard any complaints and returns as well. So yes, success and the patching has done it’s purpose!

Make Marshmallow Fondant!

Marshmallow Fondant is an easy fondant made of marshmallows, water, and powdered sugar. It’s simple to make, and many prefer the taste over regular fondant, since it tastes like very sweet marshmallows. I wanted to make fondant in a short amount of time so I scoured the internet and found this recipe to which I had to try!

You can use marshmallow fondant as you would regular fondant, to cover cakes, form shapes, and make candy. Be warned that it tends to get sticky in moist places, so it doesn’t hold up as well as regular fondant when placed over frosting and refrigerated for days.

1aWhat you need:

  • 4 ounces miniature marshmallows (2 cups not packed, or half of an 8oz. bag)
  • 1/2 pound powdered sugar (2 cups), plus extra for dusting
  • 2 tbsp water
  • Shortening, if you don’t have this you can use vegetable oil.
  • Food coloring or flavored extracts, optional

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