Childhood Regression, An Unofficial Play-doh Unboxing

Nobody, I repeat, nobody is never too old to play with Play-doh. We got our hands messy unboxing and trying out Sweet Bakin’ Creations Playset by Play-doh. Ah childhood regression at it’s best because 90’d kids love to get their hands busy!

Nurture your child’s creativity and imagination with this Play-Doh Sweet Bakin’ Creations Play Set. It can make all kinds of sweet “treats” in different sizes and designs. The rollers and molds help create pretend cupcakes, frosting, cookies and cakes that look tasty enough to eat. The four colors of modeling compound included in the Play-Doh toys set lets kids mix and match to make all kinds of delicious “desserts. – Amazon

The playset contained 4 pieces of (4oz.) cans in mint green, brown, pink and white. The set also included various cookie moulds, a cake server(the trowel), a knife, a plate,  3 layered cake tier stamps, cupcake containers, an icing presser (the syringe), a candle mould and their “oven” in a bright yellow color!

We had to figure out the purpose for each item and I don’t think our minds stayed as innocent as it was more than a decade ago though. See for yourself and do subscribe to my youtube channel for more stuff!

This video was captured by: Ayosaoi

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