Day 4: Let The Good Tips Roll

siargaoD42This would probably be out last day at the island and just thinking about it is making me all forlorn. Leia and April left this morning because they had their reasons to get home ASAP. I on the other hand decided to stay just to spend more time with Jess. It’s been a while since we last saw each other and I really wanted to be there for her first surf lessons in the island!  I awoke at 7AM and proceeded to wake the others (Jess and Ryan) as well. It was the perfect day for the last surfing sesh. I am enjoying surfing immensely despite the accidental bruising, rocky bottoms, wipeouts and other things some people might complain about. Had I stayed here longer, i’d be surfing bigger waves everyday, but that’s just the dreamer in me talking. I do love to stay here longer probably like a month or three? I have also kept in mind some tips which will really be useful on the next visit!siargaoD4siargaoD47

  • Do not ever forget to bring a pair of slippers…unless you want to go barefoot around General Luna for the next couple of days, like me.
  • Bring lots and lots of sunscreen/sunblock or skin products that will protect you from sun exposure.
  • Combing your hair is optional. Your hair will still turn out soft and sleek even after five days of going comb free.
  • Locals and foreigners are extremely friendly around these parts. The island is small, so you’ll tend to see them again unexpectedly.
  • Get a dry bag, it will be your best friend the next couple of days when you’re going near bodies of water.
  • Grilled food is excellent food especially when it’s seafood!
  • Bring a longboard/skateboard and trade it in for a surfboard. Learning how to balance is crucial.
  • There is no thing as insufficient swimwear. A rash guard is the most crucial piece of clothing you will ever wear here.
  • One should get a wristwatch. I have lost track of time ever since I got here and my phone is always in the dry bag.
  • I must learn how to dance next time…scratch that, I will never ever shake my booty on the dance floor ever again.


Just me, Jess and random dog chilling at Pagoda Beach Bar. Waiting for the waves to become sufficient enough to surf. Did I tell you this place is a party hotspot at night for tourists and foreigners? Because it is and we hit Monday Funday last night. I’m pretty sure most of the people who went there are nursing a hangover now. We had this place to ourselves the past couple of days and this would probably one of my favorite spots to laze around. I love the decor and quotes. I was told you were free to stick your art or sticker anywhere of you wanted to.

siargaoD410 siargaoD49siargaoD41 siargaoD44

The Swedish guy with a surfboard is Max, he’s the current owner and all around nice guy with his dog Django. The guy’s a surf enthusiast and he was nice enough to let us crash for a couple of days at their homestay.


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