Di Ingon Nato

Now this Visayan film is quite something especially for indie film lovers of horror with the zombie craze in their system. I personally was compelled to watch this out of curiousity for a rockstar’s acting skills since the protagonist was Franco Reyes (of Franco). It’s a movie about how the local townsfolk would deal with the so-called ‘zombie apocalypse’ scenario.

The movie starts off showing Dario (Franco Reyes), in an eerie scene and cuts to him waking up. We see that he is a farmer living at a far off province in Cebu and doing his everyday routine from morning till dawn. We get to see his wife Yenna (Mercedes Cabral), their oh so adorable kid and buddies. Take note this is the part where you notice how wonderful the scenery is and how the simple life looks very inviting. One day while Yenna does the laundry something awful happens resulting in Dario murdering someone.

As the story progresses on, other characters are introduced like Lauro (Rez Cortez), the police captain, his daughter-turned doctor  Maribel (Donna Gimeno)and many more. Lauro gets called to investigate a crime scene and hears a rumour about evil spirits but continues on with his job and interrogates the people involved. The film then shifts to Maribel getting the short on of the stick when she visits the local clinic with a sudden ‘rabies’ epidemic.

Returning to Dario’s unsettling situation he tries to get seek help from the village healer through his son. Along the way things don’t appear right when the people are walking peculiarly in a dragging manner. This then is the start of the suspense and the horror, but I don’t want to spoil it for you so it’s better if I end midway.

All in all it wasn’t quite bad and I surely did not regret watching it. Franco’s acting skills were really good along with the other main characters but the dialogue wasn’t much ( I was left wanting more!). The level of gore was warm enough that the zombies looked like ‘Pinoy Walkers’ up to the point that they got killed. The ending was a bit predictable which was unfortunate. The movie gave me the impression that Cebuano films do have the potential to become big with the help of young and aspiring minds in the movie industry. Over-all the movie wasn’t so bad and there a few amusing parts here and there. I still recommend you watch it for those fond of non-mainstream films.

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