Earth Day InstaMeet and Giveaway!


Free stuff from Human Heart Nature and Instagram! Photo by: Leia Khu

If you came here solely for the giveaway then just scroll down and start reading from there! Instagram is truly an incredible app that brings many people together who all have a love for photos and social media combined. So how do you step out of your comfort zone to a meet for a cause while joining the worldwide fun? Instagram has the answer. A Worldwide Instameet.


Jessica Wu (far left) is the main person behind this meet. Photo by: Leia Khu

What is an InstaMeet? Basically it’s when people from around the world  will connect together to explore, share photographic tips and tricks, and take photos and videos together and then upload them to Instagram. It’s a coordinated meetup where people can discuss about anything under the sun and connect not just with social media but in real life.


A spoken word poetry titled “Yutang Ina” and the dude beside me is Andrei. Photo by: Leia Khu

I may not be an Instagram addict (well, not lately really) but I do care for Mother Earth and this year’s instameet weekend falls on Earth Day (April 22). It would be an opportunity missed had I decided not to go. Also, they invited me and John to sing a song or two during that said meetup but he had other plans so it was Andrei and Porsche.


Pretty good for a lemongrass iced tea. Photo by: Leia Khu

This is my first time joining an InstaMeet so I was pretty nervous for the most part. This meet here was held on the 23rd of April (there was a 1 day delay but that was okay) at Human Heart Nature, a company that supports and sells Philippine made products for Filipinos. It was sponsored by Dakila, the Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism. A group of artists, students, and individuals committed to working together to creatively spark social consciousness formation towards social change. It was Jessica who organized and made this event happen along with the help of many who were in for the cause. The main topic of discussion was about creating a clean, sustainable future that’s coal-free.

Coal is one of the dirtiest sources of energy. It is dangerous, not only for the environment, but also for people’s health. We need to encourage our government to stop investing in coal and start investing more in renewable energy.

So how can you help? Sign up and do the Uncoal pledge here. They need about 500 signatures for this one and taking the time to sign up for this one would be gladly appreciated. Join the climate revolution! They’ll keep you posted for upcoming events and activities that one can take part in and just simply give back what you can. In a world where likes, selfies and hashtags consume us, we forget that the true power of social media comes from its ability to cultivate relationships and art in real life. For those inspired to include a public service element to their InstaMeet, use the #LifeOnEarthWWIM13 hashtag to share and explore the many ways the Instagram community gives back during the weekend. uncoal4


I’ll be giving away five goody bags which I got during the meet! All of which contains little items officially from Instagram and two goodies which contain A Human Heart Nature item. All you simply have to do is:

  1. SHARE this facebook post
  2. Follow my Instagram account
  3. Sign the Uncoal Pledge


For more information, check out these links:

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