Eats: Pinegrove Mountain Lodge

IMG_0803Baked Lasagna

Hunger was setting in pretty quick after the ziplining so we headed to Pinegrove Mountain Lodge for meal time. I was hesitant at first seeing as there were not much people and the place looked fancy for a lodge but the feel was quite comfortable. The food was pretty good too! Their portions were at a considerable size! I scarfed down each plate with gusto for the beast that I am.

Care for some apple crumble with vanilla ice cream on top?

Here’s a photo of their menu for your perusal: IMG_0791

Maui’s Salad has got mixed greens, sliced apple, carrot strips, sweet corn, toasted cashew nuts, croutons, topped with parmesan cheese and accompanied by a strawberry vinaigrette
IMG_0795Beef Salpicao

I do wish they had their cheese fries available though, I enjoyed it on my last visit. Also, they had the campfire kind of smores which you had to to prepare on their specially made round marble table!

It may not look it but their cheese fries was good for three people, unless you got a voracious appetite for potatoesCampfire smores by the fire!

IMG_0804Pinegrove is quite the ideal place if you’re in for a hearty meal with a homemade feel. It’s cosy and peaceful. The staff were very friendly and they even let us connect our choice of music to their Bluetooth jukebox!  Talk about being accommodating. The service was prompt ohm did I tell you that the food was good? Yes? The prices are mid-range but considering the taste and portion, it was absolutely worth it.

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