Excerpt from A Book I will Never Write

How to Bring Light to Her Life

Don’t tell her she’s flawless, she won’t believe it for a second.
Tell her she’s enchanting, fascinating, and captivating. Tell her she’s lovely, intelligent, and wise.
Tell her that every word she says is intriguing.
Try to explain to her how profound her thoughts and ideas are.
Tell her that you’ve noticed how her face lights up when someone smiles at her.
Describe to her the stars in her eyes that twinkle when she laughs.
Tell her about her contagious smile and the way that it brightens cloudy days.
Tell her that her creativity is inspiring.
Tell her she’s good at taking pictures and making people laugh.
And keep telling her until she believes every bit of it.
Don’t tell her she’s perfect, for she’s spent a lot of time counting and memorizing her flaws, tell her she’s loved.

Note: Posting this just to remind girls out there who need a little bit more love than usual.

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