Going for Indian with Firozian

I’ve been missing Biryani while Ste was craving for some Kebab for several weeks now so we decided to head on to the nearest Indian restaurant for lunch which was the Firozian Indian Tea House. It was a couple of blocks worth of walk from Fuente but a little brisk walking will always be good for the body. It was our first time so we had to rely on GPS and a printscreen for directions.


Firozian currently has two branches. The main branch which we went to is located at Don Jose Avila St., Cebu City. The other is found at IT Park. The Capitol branch is nestled between a Korean Restaurant Soul Jang Ban and a Julie’s Bakeshop. Easy to find but the parking space is limited.



I hear they’re currently renovating right now but on our visit, the place had a quaint Middle Eastern feel to it with their warm gold overtones and complimenting patterns. They had small tables good for couples or people wanting to play chess. They have board games there as well which unfortunately noticed too late because we were done with our meal. haha.


I suggest you look around first because there are many good spots considering that the curtains also serve as cubicles to which you can have your own space. You do have to take your shoes off once you step up the red floor.  The place is well ventilated and lit despite the lack of windows. The only place for sunlight to enter would be the entrance so don’t forget to keep track of time!



To the left of the entrance, you can glance up at their chalkboard menu. Menus like these are very updated compared to the regular once since they can easily change what’s available and not.


If you’re keen on looking through the actual photos, they also have the paperback menu. Considering that some of these dishes aren’t on the Filipino food dictionary. The menu also has a short description with what each dish contains. We decided to test the waters by going with light meals. Waiting time was about 15-30 minutes but I didn’t mind. Well cooked food is good food.


Here it is!  a 2 piece Chicken Kebab meal and the smell was very reminiscent to that of the food area at a Souq. It was a very hearty meal and I even liked how the tomatoes were done. How I missed the roti for this one. The kebab kind of look like overcooked chicken hotdogs but don’t let the look deter you. It’s drizzled with yogurt that has been spiced to perfection. This dish was cooked very nicely and the flavors just exploded in my mouth. DSC_0234

This basic looking chicken Biryani surely packs a punch with the spices. Now i’m not a fan of spicy food but the fire on this one didn’t deter my need to actually finish the whole thing…with help from Stela of course. I could finish off a liter of water in one sitting because of this one! It had bite-sized chicken pieces along with diced onions and a lot of spices I dare not utter and for you to discover when you visit there as well. I loved every spoonful of that yellow rice.  DSC_0241

The tables are low and there are a lot of pillows there so don’t be ashamed to cross your legs or just about sit in any position you’re comfortable with. That’s us before we start to dig in to our meal.

And the best way to end a good meal is with some Indian Chai considering that it’s a tea house after all.DSC_0251and to try out their mango Khulfi which is very much similar to an ice drop encased in a metal shot glass. This was pretty alright.

Overall, I liked the place and would very much visit again to try out the other stuff from their menu. The price was very affordable considering that my dining experience was very nice. Their food servers though weren’t a cheerful bunch that it made me think about their wages. Okay, enough about that. The whole time it made me reminisce of those on the go Indian restaurants found at the Souq. The aromatic smells just made me want to eat more spicy food and drink up some lassi to which I did but forgot to take a photo of. It’s a yogurt shake!  I was impressed with their food. I very much recommend this place to anyone who is up for spicy Indian food!

I hear that the owner Firoz, does Turkish coffee readings! but you have to contact them first at +63 905 353 1770. I look forward to that on my  next visit.

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