How to Enjoy Freediving Lessons on the First Try

I can swim!This is my first ever serious attempt at freediving before aiming for deeper waters. It was Agent Dolly who taught us the basics and in less than an hour, I could already touch the bottom of the pool! Her A+ coaching skills were definitely effective. We did this days after my first ever gym experience which resulted in strained pectoral muscles, a reason why I couldn’t stretch out my arms that much. Credits to Yobz for the video, and coach Leia for teaching me to equalize.(For anyone wanting to learn the basics, the woman is just a message away!)

Posted by Porsche Carreon on Saturday, October 24, 2015

This was my first ever serious attempt at freediving since this is a must learn skill if I wanted to cross out several items from my bucket list. I was egged on by Leia to wake up at 6AM and take a dip at Dela Mar Swimming Pools. The entrance fee is at 100php and they have snacks within the premises but you can bring your own or buy from the outside of the premises without a corkage fee. Warning: The waters will be ice cold crystal clear since it is a spring pool! I was able to do this in less than an hour without any discomfort as long as you were taught the basics of equalizing. Sadly, I do not need the grace and finesse of a professional swimmer but one did not need to be.

While I may not be an expert on this matter. I will gladly share what I have learned from this experience!

DO: Have a good night’s sleep!
I’m putting this one as a first. It may not look it but this activity requires a heck of a lot of energy especially to newbies such as myself. You could tire yourself out without feeling anything only to collapse instantaneously once you get home. Sleep deprivation is one thing that makes you slower in the water too. Therefore find a way to get earlier the day before.

DO: Wear an appropriate swimming attire.
Wearing the correct attire is an added plus for an ideal swimming experience. Those one piece ensembles work pretty well and if it has any straps or ties then I suggest you tighten them very well. We don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions at the pool! I personally recommend wearing a rash guard especially for those people who rather lean on the conservative side. I personally don’t want to drown because of pajamas.

DO: Relax
Think happy thoughts and try to calm your mind before moving on the the breathing exercises. Try not to think too much about it and calm yourself down.

DO: Breathing Exercises
Before entering into the water, we must learn how to relax and breathe correctly to avoid black-outs, drowning and premature surfacing. Learn how to breathe from the abdomen with these simple instructions here.

DO: Learn to Equalize
Before going deeper, one must learn how to equalize. You can read up on proper equalization techniques here. I am currently doing this by pinching my nose and exhaling. The pop in your ears means that you have already equalized. Do this repeatedly everytime you go deeper. I’m still trying to find the most effective technique as of the moment.

DON’T: Overexert Yourself
Don’t tire yourself out too much! It may not look it but that session tired me out which can result in a longer resting period!

Video credits to Yobz Tolentino and Leia Khu Bartolome


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  1. theyangone
    theyangone says:

    Actually, yes you can! We just did earlier with a friend of mine who barely knew how to stay afloat. Once she knew what to do, her dilemma turned the other way around. She had trouble going under. Haha.


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