On A Reset at Siargao, The Surfing Capital of The Philippines

No nudes at the Naked Island

Siargao’s Naked Island. No nudes though. Wanna read the tiny tidbits? Just click on the photo!

I’ve been away at a slightly longer time than expected dear reader! Good thing the frenzy to write is still at it’s peak period. I have also decided to write in a semi-organized way. This said post won’t be exaggeratedly long but will rather contain tidbits with where I and my travel buddies went to and the other fuddy duddy stuff. There may be a shameless selfie here and there but that is for you to find out! I’ve been wanting to travel to Siargao for a long time and would have supposedly gone there last September in time for its Surfing Fest but my body gave up on me *weeps*. My surfing skills on a scale of 1-5 is definitely at a 0 unless you count the ones where I do surf sleeping. Wanna read the tiny tidbits? Just click on the photo!

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Travelling to this little island proved to be quite a challenge with a total travel time of about 17 hours! Still, I guess it was worth it with the adventure in store for us. It’s not only the place for surfing but there are ideal places for non-surfers and are food inclined such as myself. There are also many places and scheduled events to go to when you’re the partying kind. The ratio to tourists and locals is quite high that you may actually think you’re at somewhere abroad. We actually went to two of them!siargaoD46sneak23sneak15shaka2sneak24

They told me it was silly to learn to surf there since the waves were of mammoth proportions and I’d be swept away the moment I try to stand on the board! They were wrong! Siargao is absolutely the best place to learn how to surf with all the locals there being competent surfers and very much willing to teach you a thing or two about it! The island vibe really got me. I wish to stay longer next time but for now, I’ll be sharing my four day travelogue going to/while/leaving the surfing capital of the Philippines! There are so many things to do there and so many places to see. I only stayed about four days and am longing to go back already!


Wanna read the tiny tidbits? Just click on the photo!

Photo credits to: The ideal travel buddies someone like myself will ever have in this lifetime Leia Khu and Jessica!
Here is Leia’s very informative post pertaining to our travel: http://reiyakhu.tumblr.com/post/138023947140/siargao-travel-guide

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