Stela and I decided to go on a short walk for a littleconversation at IT Park and theres this interesting looking place called Gusto which doubled as  an urban Italian cafe and wine bar. We headed to the entrance, took a seat and glanced at the menu.
Now at 10PM on a weekday, I found this place an ideal setting for hanging out in groups since there isn’t that much people around. The place looked very chic and of course, urban.
I’m not really a fan of fish but their Salmone Pizza was surprisingly tasty which made me an instant fan after the first bite. It had mozzarella, cream cheese. salmon and coriander to flush out that aftertaste. The crust was crunchy and the cheese combined with the salmon made me want to order another round.


Now since we’re at a wine bar it’s best to try out the wines and might I warn you they are a bit pricey if you go for a bottle but they do serve some wines by the glass. I’d strongly recommend a Pinot Noir as with what I can remember back then during my wine pairing class (listen to the experts on this one) or just asking the server what they recommend for that pairing. But us being a curious duo we decided to try the Shiraz, which was a challenge on our tastebuds. Haha. All I can say is that it did not go together but the wine was still good on its own and heavy-bodied.

Overall this post was simply about their Salmone Pizza! I liked it and would definitely order another if I visit gusto some other time. You can check out their website for more information.

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