Childhood Nostalgia the ZeroThreeTwo Way


There’s nothing like food from home.
Greasy food. Sugary food.
We want them all. – Carlo Villarica

032e Just got this tee from the mail! It’s from ZeroThreeTwo‘s Home Sweet Home Collection. I’ve always been an avid follower of their blog since their launch. It’s an awesome site that talks about the going ons and the pretty cool finds and places to go to whenever you’re in the Queen City of The South. Being the sweet tooth that I am, I had to get my hands it! You can purchase this shirt here. 032a I got mine in a round neck men sized medium (a personal preference). It’s available only in white (hopefully just for now!). The fabric is very lightweight and unless I’m mistaken it is made of cotton. I got mine online and the transaction itself was smooth as it could ever be. There were no hassles, just delays in the shipping though which was the courier’s responsibility already. You could also add in specific details and they pretty much answer inquiries promptly in case you’re in doubt. 032da It’s got their tag at the lower left side of the tee. Catchy tagline eh? Another thing I liked about this shirt is because it is proudly made in Cebu! 032f The print quality is fair enough. I love their theme! It truly reminds me of childhood goodies and a decent game of Boggle back when internet was almost next to nonexistent for those under the age of ten.032g It’s a personal note written by Carlo himself. They even sent in a little tote bag! I found the teensy weensy wooden camera clip extremely adorable and on point! There are more designs from the Home Sweet Home Collection which you can check out here. 032b Let’s see how this looks on the actual fitting… Not so bad eh? 032h   More at:

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