How to: Patch Your Pants

Don’t want to throw out your favorite pair of jeans even if it got ripped in parts no one wants to see? Patch it in the scribbled way. What is patching exactly? Patching is to mend or strengthen (fabric or an item of clothing) by putting a piece of material over a hole or weak point in it. In this case it would be someone’s pants. Here’s a before & after photo. You can scroll down and see all three pants I patched in different directions. Click on the video above to see how I actually did these. jeanpatch1

All you need is:

  • A piece of cloth (I used black denim on the ones here)
  • Scissors (to cut the patch with)
  • Thread (Any color to your liking)
  • A sewing machine! You could handstitch this but this may take sometime.


DSC_0034First things first, we cut out a patch. For this example I cut out a square from old denim shorts that weren’t of use anymore. Cut out a square that is slightly bigger than the area to be mended. DSC_0036 Now you place it on the wrong side (the hidden side that makes contact with your skin and pin it around. the area so the patch wont move too much while you’re sewing. Slowly but surely you can now start doing your thing! So here are three different kinds of pants with various holes (tears were too minor if you looked at it) all from skateboarding mishaps. You can see how much they were loved by the owner (hint: boyfran). I sewed them in three ways: First, I did this in various directions. Think of it like some sort of scribble star. Up and down, left and right. I personally enjoyed sewing this one because you can create your own shapes.

Patch Your Pants Before & After

This was cutely sewn by the said owner but it still tore. The tear was located on the anal area and oh dear I do not want to think what pierced it.

Second, This one was done in one direction. I found this very suitable for long tears.

Patch Your Pants Before & After

This was on the butt area as well and bigger than the first one. This one was sewn just back and forth in one direction.

Last, I did this one just like the previous style but in two directions. So you get the look of a grid. This kind of tear was the one that got frayed. I didn’t take out the frays because they looked artsy enough. We just need to make them stronger and prevent them from getting bigger by patching.

Patch Your Pants Before & After

I’m pretty sure the crotch area took the beating for this one.

So that’s about it! Pretty easy eh? All three pants took me around 15 minutes each and to this day I have not heard any complaints and returns as well. So yes, success and the patching has done it’s purpose!

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