It’s Daku Naked Island Hopping Time


Photo by Leia Khu Bartolome

SiargaoD3zcThe best way to travel around the island would be through the use of motorcycles! Siargao Rentals is definitely the one to run to. We hit the boulevard at about 10AM. The waters were calm and clear and the weather was quite inviting. The familiar scent of the tangy sea got me all excited as we  walked toward the boat we were renting for our island hopping.


Photo by Leia Khu Bartolome

Naked Island

First stop would be a 20 minute boat ride to Naked Island. Nope, no naked folks but rather some sort of sandbar just like Camiguin’s White Island! The only visible creatures there were a flock of seabirds which immediately took off when they sensed our human presence. The clear shallow coast around it is perfect for swimming activities but there are some hard corals on some parts too.SiargaoD3zdSiargaoD3zfSiargaoD3nSiargaoD3ze

It was a nice place to chill and spend some down time had there been no refuse. Sadly there were remnants which weren’t supposed to be there like rusty cans, fluorescent lights and a toothbrush? Srsly!? It’s not right to just irresponsibly leave these things behind. It’s a hazard with animals choking on them or other people accidentally stepping on the shards. I tried to put them in one place and I’m posting this photo as an awareness to other travelers who plan to visit there or at any beach. We have to be aware of our responsibilities to the environment. #LeaveNothingButFootprints

Daku Island

The next island on our list would be Daku Island whose name comes from a Visayan word which means big.The area offers a long strip of angled white beaches, breathtaking views and random greenery. They have cottages to rent that can fit a dozen people. The one we rented was at 300php. It’s the perfect place to chill for beach goers and absorb some natural Vit D. More pictures of our beach bumming below!SiargaoD3x


Photo by Leia Khu Bartolome


Before I let my silliness take over me, look what I found after I scratched my head… a micro sand moon and star! Did you know they also sell various seafood there ranging from 200-300php per bucket. They can also cook and prepare them for you in various ways at 50php per kilogram. We had grilled and ceviche-ed octopus, grilled Saang(spider shells) and a baby giant clam soup!

SiargaoD3wSiargaoD3s SiargaoD3zaSiargaoD3z

Guyam Island

Ryan, Jess and I decided to leave earlier than the others to catch some surf time so we hitched a boat ride. Sadly we didn’t get to set foot at Guyam Island but we had the best glance! There’s Maligaya too! Pagoda’s house puppykal stowaway of the day. The sea was starting to get slightly troublesome because the waves were getting bigger! I tried my best to not get seasick by not looking at the horizon but rather focusing on the sea at hand. I’d compare it to a saltwater coaster ride though with the boat crashing on to huge waves while beyond it are more waves going at it as high as 15ft in barrels! If ever you’re in the island, try joining a S.E.A. Movement activity!SiargaoD3lSiargaoD3tSiargaoD3m

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