Joining A Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

It’s another of those firsts and this time is of a photography related experience. This was Scott Kelby’s 8th Worldwide Photo Walk held last October 3rd. Before I begin this post I wanted to share several of my takes which one may or may not find interesting. I used a Tamron 17-70mm for this on a nikon mount. It was also the ideal time to go on manual mode and raw!

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Who is Scott Kelby?

Scott Kelby; an American photographer, publisher, and author, started this worldwide photowalk way back 2007. The project grew in the following years and is now participated in by over 1000 cities and more than 30,000 photographers from different parts of the world including various provinces in the Philippines.

What is photowalking?

Photowalking is the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that the photographer may find interesting. It is often a communal activity organised by camera clubs, online forums or commercial organisations, sometimes in the form of a walking tour.

Leia and Yobz were the ones who persuaded me to join in on them in this new adventure and I have no regrets. This was a good opportunity to meet new people from photo subjects and other photographers with the same level of enthusiasm or more than mine. All of them were friendly and very accommodating especially the walk leader, Clement Dampal. The guy had a huge telephoto lens and it was not to be messed with! I was a bit intimidated with the other photographers aside from the fact it was my first time to meet them, this must not be their first photo walk and they may already have had experience and are far more familiar with the place. But rather than deter, it excited me.

t’s ninja Agent Dolly in action

The event started at 7AM but we arrived around 10AM and got to meet the others along Osmeña Street, a district in the city where most automotive shops and repair centers are located. I was slightly nervous seeing that people were eyeing us with interest but it was assuring knowing I was in a group and not just the only person with a camera in hand.


Tips to Enjoying A Photo Walk 

  • Do not forget to charge. This may come as the easiest to do but having a dead battery because you forgot to charge is a heartbreaker.
  • Be prepared for the day’s weather and wear something comfy. Generously slathering on some sunscreen is a must!
  • Pack light. Don’t forget an extra battery, SD cards, cleaning cloth, lens cover and other need to items. Prepare yourself to go on a really long walk that will last a whole day.
  • Bring water and a snack or two. You will definitely get thirsty and hungry during and along the way.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t get too lost in the moment. Be careful with your things and keep an eye on each other.
  • Know the rules. Take note that there will be some places that prohibit photography or even some people who do not want their photos taken, so stay clear from those and take the other direction, or follow the walk leader.
  • Be nice and make friends. I may not be the friendliest person on the block but I did my best to make friends. Don’t be ashamed to share and ask for tips and how to’s. A photo walk is an excellent time to learn the technicalities and tips from others.

Looking pretty smug. Photo by Leia

Just as we were about to enter Limketkai Center, we were stopped by security personnel saying we weren’t allowed to take photos. Unbelievable. That did not stop us from taking photos though, unless it’s the hot afternoon sun. By quarter to 11, we decided to take our lunch and rest at Emerald Suites.

It may not look like it but we were sweating through our clothes already! Photo by Yobz

Lunch was good and libations were very much welcomed. It was still scorching hot outside so we stayed there till at about 2pm and during that time people got to know each other and who was who. An exchange of thoughts, tips and a little camera gauging here and there.

Group photo!

The next destination would then be to Brgy. Lapasan by the coast. We walked for a bit to the jeepney stop and sure as always every place was a photo opportunity for that “Decisive Moment” theme. We had a hilarious time riding the jeep since we felt like sardines next to each other camera and human alike. The humor was endless and the stories were literally up close and personal.

The bay area of Brgy. Lapasan.  Photo by Yobz

It may not look like it but this Brgy. seemed like a very tranquil place. Children there were still fond of playing outside rathen than with computers. The people there were quite flattered having the their photo taken. Some went for a pose while others gazed at us in wonder. They didn’t mind but were rather glad we could visit and take a look at their way of life.

Taking a group photo with the kids!

I’m quite glad I got to be a part of the group. You could say it was somewhat a kind of urban trek and instead of mountains we’re dodging traffic and the busy streets. In truth it wasn’t about the gear but more on self-improvement with what you had and what you learned. We got to share ideas, tips and tricks and an endless supply of humor from various people who all have a passion for photography. Be they young and not so young, professionals and amateurs alike we all joined in and shared our perspectives of the things around us.

More of my takes here:

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Now here’s the tricky part (for me) where I am in need of your help dear reader. I only knew about this last night and it would be much appreciated if you did this for lil’ old me. You see, there’s a photo contest which had the category of People’s Choice. It is determined by the number of likes and shares a photo has.

I would be ever so happy if you gave both my entries a like or a share?

Thank you and till we meet again dear reader!

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