Kumbira Moments 2013

Hello! I’m happy you stumbled upon this old post. That means you read through my photography list and clicked on #10! First of all Kumbira an annual culinary festival , is the flagship project of the Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Association-COHARA. Kumbira aims to showcase the best culinary creations of the Region while incorporating latest culinary trends. It also aims to promote healthy competition and camaraderie among the different hotels and restaurants, schools, as well as, elevate the standards of the culinary industry in the Region.

and the story goes like this…

It was another prerequisite for a subject one had to pass and this one neede a two hour bus ride to get there. Kumbira Moments was what they called their photo contest and I did not tell a soul I was participating. You had to purchase a day pass just to get in and a registration fee prior to joining. Once you got that paper ID, you had to enter backstage just like the other participants joining the various contests held. Mind you it was 3-day event and Day 1 was for taking photos while Day 2 was the submission date and lastly Day 3 was the awarding. I didn’t go to the last day event because the reason I signed up for it wasn’t to win but rather some sort of skill self-assessment with what I can do and if it would go up to par with others standards. The thought of even taking a place seemed farfetched considering that it was an open competition.


This meant that some of them were at pro level already. The chances of winning were quite slim but nonetheless I was happy just seeing my shots printed out. I was scrambling to submit my work because it was almost the deadline and it required a softcopy as well. So before I actually post my entires, here are some of the actual photos I took.

Here are some of my takes on the food there. kumbira3


Now that’s glazed and cured meaty goodness! Next would be the bread section…kumbira4 kumbira5 kumbira6

I really wanted to poke at the durian spines on the first photo because it looked like something a kid would touch. the second photo represented a festivity piece. Lastly, this teensy sugar bread  scene reminded me of an old couple out on a winter date. Next in line would be thr traditional delicacies like this biko?

kumbira8 kumbira9

Bite sized aren’t they? and wonderfully arranged. Here are other nice things as well…

kumbira10 kumbira11

Take note that you had to take photos of these babies publicly which means there were other comptetitors as well and you had limited space. I used my 50mm for these shots so mostof them had that depth of field look and bokeh. I was quite intimidated by their equipment that time. So here I present to you my 3 entries…


Here’s the winning piece! I had no idea I won 3rd place and was only made known by my friends via Facebook. I didn’t go on the awarding day because I wasn’t expecting on winning but I’m glad.


(Fact: The photo with me in it and two other people was taken on the second day and those two were the winners for 1st and second! haha)

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