On Cloud 9 to Jacking Horse and G1

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We finally got to visit the infamous spot named after a chocolate bar, Cloud 9. Why did we not come here sooner!? I daresay one must wear any type of footwear especially when going there at 12 in the afternoon. The floorboards get insanely hot and it felt like my soles were being barbecued to the core. This is the spot where the annual surfing cup is held. The view is breathtaking here from the seeping cloudy skies up to the enormous barrel waves trying to kiss the shore…..and no we won’t be surfing this area yet…for now.

We’re off to another new spot called Jacking Horse which is just about 3 minutes away from where we were standing. The waves aren’t too rough for beginners like us and I look forward to the new spot! There were some paddle boarders here and there, I was told it may get crowded sometimes but luckily for us there were not a lot of people then. What I wanted to learn this time was how to catch a wave on my own. I was told in advance this requires a lot of timing and picking the perfect swell.

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Here are some useful tips to share when you’re planning on surfing in the island:

  • Wear lots and lots of sunscreen. The higher the Spf, the better.
  • Don’t have an action camera? There are people you can hire for 150php who will take photos of you with their GoPro provided you have a microSD card with you. You can even let them use your camera…..DSLR’s included.
  • Surfing lessons will be at 500php per hour. Some will already include the board. Most instructors are locals who are expert surfers.
  • You can rent a surfboard at 200php/hour or 500php/day. I’ve heard of trading in your skateboard/longboard but have not tried it yet.
  • If you have a GoPro, you can request a surfboard with an already attached mount to it.
  • The bottom of the sea can be quite rocky, make sure you watch where you’re stepping.
  • Wear a rash guard. I like to wear a one-piece swimsuit underneath in case it gets wiped out. Free nipple shows often happen here.

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Here are several must do’s I have learned from my summed up surfing experience:

  • Make sure your surf leash is not strapped to your dominant foot.
  • Don’t lean back too much and don’t lean too forward either. The balance is at the center.
  • Paddle like there is no tomorrow. (This will result in strained muscles on the first day for the untrained, bring meds!)
  • Stand immediately once you start feeling the speed of the wave.
  • There will be false swells. The key is to start spotting the right one from afar.
  •  When facing whitewashes, just lift your chest and do a cobra pose.
  •  Get a wristwatch. You will definitely forget the time when you’re having fun!
  • You can turn sideways by shifting your weight either left or right, whichever you want to go.

D4siargaosurf13DCIM101GOPRODCIM101GOPROI’m still at baby waves for now and by golly this sport is making me want to stay on the island just a bit longer! Must not give in. Here’s an after surf photo of us in our well worth it tans! We then headed to Shaka Siargao after this to grab a quick snack.D4siargaosurf14You thought I’d be done eh? Heck no, we’re far from that dear reader! After going back to base, we hurriedly went to G1 yet again because we were told that the waves were looking pretty good there. It’s slightly far but it’s an adventure worth going to! There were good omens along the way (see torn image below and yes I’m barefoot again. haha). One thing for sure is that Carabaos don’t take kindly to surfers.D4siargaosurf18D4siargaosurf19 D4siargaosurf20 D4siargaosurf21 D4siargaosurf22 D4siargaosurf23


The sunset view is a sight to behold at G1


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