Over Powerbowls and Tea at Shaka Siargao


Shaka Siargao is one of those go to spots for those wanting to do a digestive reset. They serve cold pressed juices, smoothies and bowls of the freshest fruits and vegetables found on the island. Trying where possible to keep their products organic to maximize its flavour, and throwing in a few superfoods here and there, you will be left feeling rewarded, as well as satisfied for giving your body the goodness it deserves. They’ve also got a wide selection of teas as well. We stopped by here after our surfing sesh at  Jacking Horse. I was thinking of getting some tea but the menu caught my eye….

shaka1 shaka2 shaka9

The view is amazing since it overlooks Cloud 9. I passed by unusual looking trees a couple of days ago thinking they were lemons. But naaaaah. I thought lemons were imported from some other country. Turns out their lemons are locally grown and look more drop shaped than the usual ones you see at grocery stores. Shaka Siargao doesn’t just do smoothies and bowls, they  offer photography services as well. The place also serves as a gallery of awesome prints and they’re up for sale! Guess who just found out he had a photo here…


I was thinking of this just being a light snack for today’s lunch. Turns out this became the lunch itself because each bowl packs quite a punch. Their servings looked a tad small at first since it was served on coconut shells, just as I was about to finish it midway my stomach was already telling mo to give up. All of them were very satisfying, fulfilling and not once did I feel guilty indulging myself since it was all fruits and fiber! We tried…



the Bom Dia. This one had the biggest serving compared to the other two. This one had fresh fruits and granola in acai coconut blend.


This one is the Green Bowl. It’s made up of kale, saluyot, pineapple, mango, honey, ginger, cucumber, coconut water and a double shot matcha to boot! This was the one I least liked in terms of flavor but the nutritional content is definitely worth finishing to the last spoonful. It was like a fruity cold vegetable stew that was very popular among vegans in the area.shaka7 The Cloud 9 Kook which was a superbowl made up of bananas, oats, mangoes, berries and sprinkled with a dash of chocolate. This was by far my favorite. The chocolate really went well with the tangy aftertaste of the fruits. I loved the texture of the oats and nuts because it went well with the smoothie underneath.


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