Song of The Sea (2014)
Year: 2014 Rating: G Duration: 1h 34m Song of the Sea is a 2014 Irish animated fantasy film by Cartoon Saloon that is directed by Tomm Moore. The story is based on the
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The Dust Bowl Period (October 2014 – April 2015)
First of all, I just want to say to those who have been reading through every once in a while that I am very sorry for that long period of
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Dinner at Korean Pan Fried
I had to do this, I mean it was one of those things that I had to do and did not regret it one bit, okay make that just a
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The Breakfast Experience at Yolk
Stela and I are quite the breakfast food fanatics so its no surprise we had to visit this all day breakfast haven called Yolk – Coffee & Breakfast. We’ve heard
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Sephai’s Space
I’ll call this Sephai’s space. You surely don’t wanna mess with this girl or woman or somewhere in between. We’ve been good friends now for about 4 years and counting
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Stela and I decided to go on a short walk for a littleconversation at IT Park and theres this interesting looking place called Gusto which doubled as  an urban Italian
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Iligan City Jeepney Route Directory
I had to share this post because I’m sure this would come pretty useful to those travelling to Iligan and are not yet familiar with the jeep codes and their
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Street Food: Have You Tried A One Day Old Chick?
I know it doesn’t look that appetizing for those who are unfamiliar with the one day old chick.  It’s fried poultry but it tastes surprisingly good if you closed your
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It’s cryogenically frozen ice cream!
Yes you read that right! Dippin Dots have been technically made by drops of ice cream into liquid nitrogen. If you’ve ever been to a mall or amusement park (or
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