Eats: Dahilayan Forest Park
Can’t decide what to eat once you get to Dahilayan Forest Park? Fret not. I have listed this post as a sort of food diary and a list of things
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13 Things You Can Do at Dahilayan Forest Park
So, thinking about what you’re gonna do once you get there? Fret not my friend! Here’s a guide to the things you can possibly do at Dahilayan Forest Park along
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How To Commute To Dahilayan Forest Park
I know the best way to get to Dahilayan Forest Park would be to have your own transportation but where’s the adventure in that? I originally had my day planned by
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A Dahilayan Forest Park Weekend via Traveloka
The all around cool breeze blanketed in clouds and mountain ranges. Towering pine trees and lush meadows as far as the eye can see.  This is what it means to
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Staying at Red Planet Hotel Cagayan De Oro
Cagayan De Oro has always been the nearest place to travel to when you’re searching for hard to find goods from food to clothing and just about anything else you
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Zenith Smart Scale Review
Looking for an affordable smart scale? Get the Zenith 4-in-1 Wireless Smart Weighing Scale! Read on if you want to learn more about the pros and cons of this Zenith
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Alphabear: Bears That Spell
I’m a sucker for cute mobile games and Alphabear is one of them. So what kind of game is it? It’s a pretty simple word puzzle game by Spry Fox and designed by Meowza.
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Swimming to Languyon Falls
One had to take a swim just to get to this hidden gem of a waterfall which is popularly called Languyon Falls. It is located in Barangay Pugaan, approximately 14
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