Cliff Swinging at MSU Marawi
So I went to Ayin’s graduation at MSU Marawi on a early and fine day. We took the jeep which was probably the safest and commonly used mode of transportation
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A Morning Stroll at Luinab
We were supposed to catch the sunrise and take some decent photos but it looks like we arrived a bit too late. We left the house by 5AM. The path
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It’s Skin Aloe Soothing Face & Body Mist – A Review
  I am not one to use these kind of things but something unfortunate such as getting scalded by boiling hot coffee by accident certainly made me bat my eyelash
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Breaking The Blinking Cursor
Hello there! I just wanted to let you know i’m still alive and kicking. I took a break from a lot of things and I am now back on track.
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Earth Day InstaMeet and Giveaway!
If you came here solely for the giveaway then just scroll down and start reading from there! Instagram is truly an incredible app that brings many people together who all
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Excerpt from A Book I will Never Write
How to Bring Light to Her Life Don’t tell her she’s flawless, she won’t believe it for a second. Tell her she’s enchanting, fascinating, and captivating. Tell her she’s lovely,
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Roses – The Chainsmokers – John and Porsche Acoustic Cover
So that’s me and John doing a cover of Roses originally by The Chainsmokers during Lola G’s monthly open mic and spoken word poetry night. Truth be told we only
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Air Compressed Cheeks
We all know this is the day where marriages, pregnancy announcements, tattoos, and promises are suddenly made all in the name of a prank. Some even go to greater lengths
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Chrstn x What Aesthetic
Double exposure shots on my first try. We tried catching the sunrise for this one but it was too late so we settled on le neighbor’s grassy ‘lawn’ or you
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