Pop Snack for Snacks

While walking along the busy streets I managed to come across this newly opened snack room? You wouldn’t even know that one had to go up the stairs if it wasn’t for the sign. I was told it was owned by young entrepreneurs who were still in college. Quite a feat if I say so myself.DSC_0032
The place was had a cute rustic feel with its wooden tables and chairs which I kinda liked. The area had a seating of about 30 people or so.
Their menu consisted of well….snacks! They definitely covered a student’s basic food preference on this one. As you can see their prices were very affordable and budget friendly.


I ordered the pan de pizza, pancakes, hawaiian footlong and a pitcher of iced tea all at the price of  158php. The wait was tolerable but it seemed odd that some of the tables weren’t bussed. There were still plates and glasses left from the previous customer which took them some time to clean and was very noticeable since there were only several tables  set. I’m guessing they might have been short staffed.

I liked the pan de pizza most since it reminded me of the long gone childhood afternoon naps and snacks upon waking up and this one was always done by my grandfather.

The pancakes had cute portions that I could just pinch them! I found them slightly dry though but alright considering that it was only 35php, that’s good enough.

The hawaiian footlong had a slight burn to the bun which you can see but I assure you it did not affect the taste. What I like about this one was that their hotdogs were the ones with cheesy goodness to the core.

I wonder how this will look once the leaves are full. I hope they try the orange post-its for an autumn feel.

Overall, I found Pop Snack to be a nice place and a good business venture for the owners. It’s a place to go to as an after school treat for teenagers, young adults who want to hangout and those on a budget! You can check out their facebook page for more info and details on the location!



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