Sailormoon Crystal

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal is the much hhyped about latest sailormoon anime in celebration of Toie Animations 20th year. This is probably the best time to celebrate for those loyal Moonies out there!  The story is created by Naoko Takeuchi and directed by Munehisa Sakai. The storyline and drawing style has definitely stick to the manga.

This is a very preliminary review based on the show’s launch but i’ll update as we see more.

The new art is stunning especiallyduring the introduction and how she transforms. The part which was a bit bothersome was how she became more anorexic looking. I’m very happy that Mitsuishi Kotono and Furuya Toru are still voicing Usagi and Mamoru. 

Anime with Mahou Shoujo (magical girls) are focused on the fun but not the depth of the story. The catchy opening theme song is titled Moon Pride by Momoiro Clover Z. Overall it has lived up to its hype

Here’s a preview if you’re up for it!

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