Salsa Nights at Maya

This has crossed off one on my bucket list thanks to a local couchsurfing event held every Wednesdays at Maya. Dancing has never been one of my strong points especially in public places. It was Stela who never had been much of a dancer herself who suggested to try out Salsa. All we knew about it was that it was a kind of sauce  and/or a Latin American inspired dance. Things got more interesting when we read about that it was going to be held at a Mexican themed restaurant. Back then, we’d cringe at the thought of dancing and stay at the back. I guess this time it was a great opportunity for me to come out of my shell and try out something new. The perfect time to do this would be when you’re accompanied by the introverted BFF.

DSC_0210The large doors and chandeliers made the outside slightly intimidating. I was a tad nervous and felt my anxiety starting to set in with that clammy hands. Positive thinking was the only thing that kept me going. We’ll have a good time and little by little we were conquering our fears.

It was a spiffy and very nice place and surprisingly very comfortable! The staff were very accommodating and upon knowing that it was our first time told us to prepare our dancing shoes for this one. Everybody there was friendly and I mean everybody! We were urged to take part just when we were starting to warm up in our seats. There was the  dance instructor Gene who taught us the basic steps and we learned a thing or two from him. We weren’t pros or anything but they still made us feel welcomed.


The photos turned out blurry during the night’s activities (sad) but this would be the best one to convey with how things were going at that time. I heard one guy say that it’s ridiculous that everyone was dancing! I wish I could show you what we were wearing but unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of selfies but let me tell you that we were definitely underdressed. It was understandable though since most of the people there used to it and I’m pretty sure we stuck out like sore thumbs there.


I’m not much of a drinker but their Mojitos were refreshing! Their Quesadillas were alright though we totally forgot about this one and ate it at the last minute just when we were about to leave!DSC_0181

Interesting ain’t it? These masks were hung at the ladies bathroom! I guess this was how they made guests at ease while they were doing their business. I think they look cool though and wouldn’t mind hanging one in my kitchen.DSC_0190I took a photo of this sign because we only saw this one too late just as we were about to leave. Ste and I sat by a nearby place, good thing. We got to meet new faces and talk to new people. Not just locals but also other tourists who came to have a good time and by that I meant dancing!

I’ll sit on that area some other time…DSC_0208

I was told that the event usually ends around midnight. No wonder since everybody was too busy dancing to notice the time. If you want to try out some salsa then try heading over to Maya Mexican Restaurant located at Crossroads and cross this out from your bucket list! I will deinitely indulge on the food on the next non-salsa realted visit!

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