Sephai’s Space

miniDSCsephai1 I’ll call this Sephai’s space. You surely don’t wanna mess with this girl or woman or somewhere in between. mininisepahai2 We’ve been good friends now for about 4 years and counting and this was I hope not the last time I’ll ever see her again. YI hope she liked this set.mininiDSC_0916aaminisephai46 It may not look like it but Sephai is quite older than you think (I am not allowed to breath a word when it comes to her age). ‘I hate it when they see me as a kid in the workplace’ she says to me while exhaling through the smoke. Back then she was quite the punk rock kid who easily gets into fights. You could say she had the fire in those placid eyes. Over time her rage became embers from dealing with other people. mininiDSC_0916aaaminiDSCsephai3I like listening to her talks. She’s quite a realist and it keeps me gounded especially when it comes to life and love. She’s been through tough times in the emotional aspect. Truth be told she’s a softy on the inside which not a lot of people see with her street cred demeanor. I like to see her as my  Onee-san

Oh and Sephai, if you’re reading this right now don’t forget that we’re always right behind you every step of the way despite the distance. Always take care of yourself and smile!

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