Street Food: Have You Tried A One Day Old Chick?

one day old chickI know it doesn’t look that appetizing for those who are unfamiliar with the one day old chick.  It’s fried poultry but it tastes surprisingly good if you closed your eyes while not thinking of it as…

a carcass of a dead chick

It’s a Pinoy street food they call the “One Day Old”. It’s  made from you guessed it right, chicks. More specifically, rejected male chicks from poultry farms. It was served to us in a cup with sticks poured in with a copious amount of sweet and sour vinaigrette sauce. We were a bit hesitant to try it since it looked slightly unsettling. With our eyes closed we bit into it.  A couple of chews later we realized it tasted pretty good for something that looked quite grotesque.

Without thinking what I was masticating on, I could say it tasted like the yolk of a boiled egg combined with spicy fried chicken. The crunch to it were the bones, beak and other things you shouldn’t dare think about while eating it.


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