Cliff Swinging at MSU Marawi

So I went to Ayin’s graduation at MSU Marawi on a early and fine day. We took the jeep which was probably the safest and commonly used mode of transportation these days at only 50php! The duration of the trip is at about an hour but may take 2 hours when theres heavy traffic. I would also like to note that the jeepney may not be that comfortable most of the time because the drivers insist on only leaving when everybody has been sardined inside his hunk of jeep. You get to meet a lot of characters there too ranging from the old, young and any sort you can mention. The air in Marawi was very cool that most people wear winter clothing during early mornings and late at night which I have yet to experience.


Ayin has a tendency to go all artsy fartsy as well considering that her specialty is creating murals. This is was one of her projects.


This is their pater. I found it a bit dry but fulfilling all the same. Too bad there was no palapa that time.


We went to the linely dairy farm I found the area very calm and there was not much people that time.


It was Ate She who suggested we go here and we did! This was a section of their dairy farm Too bad they didn’t have any milk available that time I was excitedly waiting to get my hands on them in a literally very fresh sense.


Ayin then brought us to a secret spot (this was where she learned her longboard sliding skills) which was a thirty minute walk uphill and beyond the cornfields was a most spectacular view.


I told you it was spectacular.



I’m gonna miss you a bunchies and I can’t wait to hear more stories of your future adventures!


They had a makeshift swing made out of a tiny sack and some rope by the cliff and it was awesome! I look forward to going back there just to simply go on a gastronomic trip on a non-Ramadan month. Most of the food stalls were closed during this time.

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