Beach Day at Kawayan Cliff Resort

Check out this new resort in town! This hidden gem of a place is at Pagahan, Initao, Misamis Oriental called Kawayan Cliff Resort. It’s a 40 minute drive from the city proper and just off the Cagayan de Oro to Iligan City National Highway (Route 9). I was invited by my friend Juevo to take a look at the place and snap a couple photos just when the sun was about to set.

You could say it looks like a small park with a view of the beach. Their lawns have been well kept and area has been landscaped quite well. They’ve got park benches and lights during the evenings. I was told that you can spend the night here with tents.

Best put your aqua shoes on because this place has quite an area to explore. It’s got gnarly rock formations to which can surely cut you if you dare to climb them. There’s also a small cave to which the curious can see where it leads to. The sea has a rocky bottom where a lot of fish and sea creatures live. The waters are very clear and you can easily see the bottom by simply dunking your face. One can go snorkeling here even at a depth of three feet because the creatures are everywhere! Just make sure you don’t step on them and the corals surrounding the area.

As defined by their name, this resort is situated by a cliff with an amazing view of the area. Best of all, it’s a sight to behold when the sun sets. Their cottages also serve as a view deck. This resort is quite secluded but is best enjoyed in groups and company outings. No distractions or any funky noise of the sort. Just the sound of the beach and wildlife all around. I was also told that they also offer massage services too.

Need a resort all to yourself?

I would recommend Kawayan Cliff Resort for group or family outings. You can even reserve the whole resort exclusively for private functions. I was also told that this is a pet-friendly area!

As of now, their restaurant is still under construction so you can’t order any food yet unless you want them to catered. Better bring your own meals for now! The owners are very accommodating so please don’t hesitate to ask for anything.

How to get there:

From Laguindingan Airport or Cagayan de Oro: Travel south along Route 9. After passing through Initao, continue on until you reach Barangay Pagahan. Take a right leading to a narrow stone road when you see a signboard that says “Masterson Reef Beach Resort” . After 100 metres, go left when you see a fork in the road. This will lead you to the green gates of Kawayan Cliff Resort.
From Iligan City: travel north through Naawan. Continue on through Barangay Maputi and up a hill to Barangay Pagahan. Take a right leading to a narrow stone road when you see a signboard that says “Masterson Reef Beach Resort” . After 100 metres, go left when you see a fork in the road. This will lead you to the green gates of Kawayan Cliff Resort.


They have an entrance fee that starts at 40 per person. You may also have to pay for their cottages since they are for rent. The prices differ according to the time of day and the kind if cottage you’ll also be renting. You can check out their prices here. Take note that kids under the age of ten are free!

For more information, you can call them at (063) 917 750 8864 or check out their facebook page and website here.

Beach Bumming at Pacific Heights, Samal Island


A view from our lil hut

Just as we were about to bid our adieus with Jess that evening, we decided to go the travelworthy island garden city of Samal islands for some beachbumming just to kill time. This was my second time to visit the said island. Samal is the beach of Davao City. Only 10 minutes away by ferry from the fast growing town. If you are sick of shopping malls and traffic, noise and pollution, come and relax on this little island with almost 80,000 friendly people.

Travel Info:
Barge fare : 10PHP
Duration: 10 mins.
Interval: every 5 mins.


We travelled to Pacific Heights Beach Resort which is located at Brgy. Camudmud, Igacos The area has just been recently developed so there were not much people around considering that it was a weekday as well. Let me tell you that the weather at that time was very much ideal for swimming! But we didn’t have any extra clothes anymore so we just settled for some sightseeing and sand soaking.

As you can see, the sand is quite fine. The area is very clean without a hint of trash anywhere. The view is awesome especially if you happen to be the type to stare out into open sea. We had quite a light lunch since our tumtums we’re still good from the Bulcachong. Good thing I brought my ukelele along on this travel!


I would also like you to know dear reader that Pacific Heights has an entrance fee of 100php, this is also inclusive to the use of their bathrooms and shower areas. The cottages are for rent which is at about 250php per day. Aside from beach bumming, they offer a lot of activities as well like jet skiing, banana boats, kayaks, snorkeling, paddle boating (which we did, haha) and more. They even offer video coverage during your snorkeling adventure. You can check out their rates here. They have rooms which are comfortable enough if you’re up for an overnight stay.


I really wanted to try out their skin diving because we were told that it was of their latest activities and they’re offering it right now at 250php only with the video coverage already. This was originally priced at 500php.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to because my companions were having their own monthly tides and it required a minimum of two people. Boo :/

The food was alright and the price wasn’t that expensive but what bothered me most was that they had a corkage fee for items you may possible bring like a rice cooker or a radio! Check out the rates here. samal13samal2

How to get to Pacific Heights Beach Resort:

You can get there with the aid of motorcycles or tricycles which have a rate of about 200php. Take note that you can haggle since there are a lot of them to choose from once you step outside the port. One can also make deals with the driver in case you want them to be your ‘suki’ driver on your future visits.

samal5 samal4samal7samal3

For more information, you might want to try to check out this page:

On A Reset at Siargao, The Surfing Capital of The Philippines

No nudes at the Naked Island

Siargao’s Naked Island. No nudes though. Wanna read the tiny tidbits? Just click on the photo!

I’ve been away at a slightly longer time than expected dear reader! Good thing the frenzy to write is still at it’s peak period. I have also decided to write in a semi-organized way. This said post won’t be exaggeratedly long but will rather contain tidbits with where I and my travel buddies went to and the other fuddy duddy stuff. There may be a shameless selfie here and there but that is for you to find out! I’ve been wanting to travel to Siargao for a long time and would have supposedly gone there last September in time for its Surfing Fest but my body gave up on me *weeps*. My surfing skills on a scale of 1-5 is definitely at a 0 unless you count the ones where I do surf sleeping. Wanna read the tiny tidbits? Just click on the photo!

sneak6Pagoda Beach Barsneak8sneak9sneak4sneak19sneak10DCIM109GOPROD4siargaosurf24sneak21sneak14sneak12sneak1DSCF6489sneak22sneak7sneak25sneak16sneak18SiargaoD3qsneak17DSCF6151sneak20

Travelling to this little island proved to be quite a challenge with a total travel time of about 17 hours! Still, I guess it was worth it with the adventure in store for us. It’s not only the place for surfing but there are ideal places for non-surfers and are food inclined such as myself. There are also many places and scheduled events to go to when you’re the partying kind. The ratio to tourists and locals is quite high that you may actually think you’re at somewhere abroad. We actually went to two of them!siargaoD46sneak23sneak15shaka2sneak24

They told me it was silly to learn to surf there since the waves were of mammoth proportions and I’d be swept away the moment I try to stand on the board! They were wrong! Siargao is absolutely the best place to learn how to surf with all the locals there being competent surfers and very much willing to teach you a thing or two about it! The island vibe really got me. I wish to stay longer next time but for now, I’ll be sharing my four day travelogue going to/while/leaving the surfing capital of the Philippines! There are so many things to do there and so many places to see. I only stayed about four days and am longing to go back already!


Wanna read the tiny tidbits? Just click on the photo!

Photo credits to: The ideal travel buddies someone like myself will ever have in this lifetime Leia Khu and Jessica!
Here is Leia’s very informative post pertaining to our travel:

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It’s Daku Naked Island Hopping Time


Photo by Leia Khu Bartolome

SiargaoD3zcThe best way to travel around the island would be through the use of motorcycles! Siargao Rentals is definitely the one to run to. We hit the boulevard at about 10AM. The waters were calm and clear and the weather was quite inviting. The familiar scent of the tangy sea got me all excited as we  walked toward the boat we were renting for our island hopping.


Photo by Leia Khu Bartolome

Naked Island

First stop would be a 20 minute boat ride to Naked Island. Nope, no naked folks but rather some sort of sandbar just like Camiguin’s White Island! The only visible creatures there were a flock of seabirds which immediately took off when they sensed our human presence. The clear shallow coast around it is perfect for swimming activities but there are some hard corals on some parts too.SiargaoD3zdSiargaoD3zfSiargaoD3nSiargaoD3ze

It was a nice place to chill and spend some down time had there been no refuse. Sadly there were remnants which weren’t supposed to be there like rusty cans, fluorescent lights and a toothbrush? Srsly!? It’s not right to just irresponsibly leave these things behind. It’s a hazard with animals choking on them or other people accidentally stepping on the shards. I tried to put them in one place and I’m posting this photo as an awareness to other travelers who plan to visit there or at any beach. We have to be aware of our responsibilities to the environment. #LeaveNothingButFootprints

Daku Island

The next island on our list would be Daku Island whose name comes from a Visayan word which means big.The area offers a long strip of angled white beaches, breathtaking views and random greenery. They have cottages to rent that can fit a dozen people. The one we rented was at 300php. It’s the perfect place to chill for beach goers and absorb some natural Vit D. More pictures of our beach bumming below!SiargaoD3x


Photo by Leia Khu Bartolome


Before I let my silliness take over me, look what I found after I scratched my head… a micro sand moon and star! Did you know they also sell various seafood there ranging from 200-300php per bucket. They can also cook and prepare them for you in various ways at 50php per kilogram. We had grilled and ceviche-ed octopus, grilled Saang(spider shells) and a baby giant clam soup!

SiargaoD3wSiargaoD3s SiargaoD3zaSiargaoD3z

Guyam Island

Ryan, Jess and I decided to leave earlier than the others to catch some surf time so we hitched a boat ride. Sadly we didn’t get to set foot at Guyam Island but we had the best glance! There’s Maligaya too! Pagoda’s house puppykal stowaway of the day. The sea was starting to get slightly troublesome because the waves were getting bigger! I tried my best to not get seasick by not looking at the horizon but rather focusing on the sea at hand. I’d compare it to a saltwater coaster ride though with the boat crashing on to huge waves while beyond it are more waves going at it as high as 15ft in barrels! If ever you’re in the island, try joining a S.E.A. Movement activity!SiargaoD3lSiargaoD3tSiargaoD3m

To Sionogan We Go.

The kids (siblings and cousins included) wanted to go swimming so we went to the nearest beach which was Mobo Beach.
It was a Saturday and surely the place must be flocked with locals and it seems that I was right on this. Now the photo below is just a segment of the beach with specks of people out on a late morning swim. Someone bought these peeled bamboo stalks and upon inspection I was surprised it contained a sweet treat within its recesses which thay called Durul ha Patung. The sound it made was the same as that to a bamboo wind chime which was really cool.
Here’s what it looks like when you open it. The sides of the bamboo have already been split in pieces so you can easily open it while using the stick as a medieval fork. It tasted pretty good and sweet and chewy with a hint of coconut milk and rice paste. Tribal!
Lanzones (Lansium parasiticum) was also abundant and they brought along with them 10kg worth of these tasty berries. It is rich in fiber and antioxidants too!

This may look like a bite sized empanada but no. It’s what they call a pastil. The difference is that it isn’t sweet and meaty but rather contains sotanghon or bean sprouts to which you dip to a spicy sour sauce. Delicious.


Next up these bangkas arrived saying they would pick us up to lead us to an island because my dad got invited by these folks. We were a bit hesitant going there since there was news a couple of weeks ago that there was some hostility and a shootout happened which killed people. Turns out that there was a peace treaty on that exact day and we all had to go there because the head of the community invited us himself.


The place was called Sionogan. A barangay found in Indanan, Sulu. The place was very remote and the boat trip took about 40 minutes. We then reached this little hut by the sea which was a greeting area for visitors like myself.


We were greeted kindly by the locals and they immediately served us these unfamiliar appetizers. The small round balls you see here are called Palikambing and is made up of banana which as you expect tastes is sweet and fruity. The other one that looks similiar to something else is what they call Panggi-panggi. A sweet and simply made dough. Both have been deep fried to golden brown tastiness.


Too bad we arrived there on a low tide because we could have used this hut boat for a ride. The waters were a clear blue and you could see various marine life from pufferfishes, crabs and even oysters.


The sea was very calm and inviting.



Look Ma! They got dried fish all over the place!


Turns out the peace treaty was spearheaded by the village elders through talks and prayers. We had lunch by the sea and they served it all on a tray. There was fried fish, various noodles, seaweed and hot Tiyula Itum (Black Soup).


I had the chance to hold one of these extra large millipedes. Several people gasped at my fascination for this exclaiming that you weren’t supposed to touch them. They excreted acid was quite painful when you came in contact with it. Luckily I got none of that but I did wish to bring this one home with me. It was as big as my hand!

That’s my sister (right side) and a cousin of mine busy playing with little fishes they placed in a bottle attempting to touch them with their fingers.



So that’s it for today! I’m going to share another photo blog with my visit to the murky Tabo-an.