How to: Popin’ Cookin’ Candy Bento Kit

Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ is hugely popular among candy fanatics because it’s a series of Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kits. This kit is done by simply mixing their specially packed candy powder with water. I’ve been fascinated with these babies for quite a few years now ever since I discovered the world of Konapun except that Kracie’s version are edible!2
This is the BENTO KIT which I purchased from Agent Dolly. Does that not look adorbs!? The packaging looks fun and colorful enough to make me rip up the box and excitedly go crazy with the contents. Don’t do this though because the instructions are at the back which are written in Japanese (not sure if it’s in Hiragana or Katakana so don’t ask me that ✌️). Good thing the minuscule photos are understandable. 

I also learned this product contains soybeans, egg, milk, squid. To those allergic, just don’t eat it.3

Upon opening you can see that the kit was wrapped in a foiled package which had instructions and the packaging for your candy bento. So do not throw it away just yet and be careful not to tear it up recklessly. The package contained a plastic tray for molding and measuring the water, a tiny spoon which you used to mix, a plastic bag for piping your spaghetti and the seven powder packets for making the candy food.


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Before you start opening your packets, do not forget to wash your hands first! This isn’t just a toy since you may or may not be eating this afterwards. First thing is to cut out the corner that says where to cut out because this will serve as your water measurement cup!








You can then start by adding in the powder to the molds. Do this really carefully since we don’t want a powdery mess of colored candy now do we? Start with the broccoli powder mix, do the egg roll next, then the octopus sausage. Make sure that the water touches all corners of the mold.







Do the rice balls next. This one has a different viscosity compared to the others because its fluffier and you have to form it into shapes! Mix well because we don’t want this to turn out lumpy.

Open up the sesame powder and press the rice ball powder down there. Don’t be afraid to press thoroughly.







Do the fried chicken mix next! It looks like the real thing once you form them. Ain’t it cute? Also do clean in between mixes so that the mold won’t have any extra residue from the previous mix.







Here’s another tip for the spaghetti mix. Make sure you cut out the tip of plastic bag based on the instructions because it won’t look like spaghetti if you cut the tip bigger than actually needed.


I’ll be uploading the video tutorial soon  and taste test! Here’s the English version of their instruction manual to which you can view here.

What I think about it:

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

I had fun doing the whole thing! The candies themselves smell really nice and it tastes alright. But face it, one does not make this purchase for the flavor but rather the fun factor. It was slightly messy so you had to be really careful not to get it mixed up with the others. Also, the black powder which was used for the onigiri didn’t last long and immediately melted when it came in contact with the “riceball” candy. It turned into a gloopy mess :/ and the ears didn’t stick to the face at all. Oh well, atleast I didn’t mess most of it up! This product is definitely fun for parties, sleepovers and as gifts to friends who are simply into cute edible things such as myself.

Japengo: The Return

Stela and I decided to go for a Japanese themed dinner. I decided on trying out Japengo once again since the last time was about four years ago. Another factor that led to it was that we were at Cybergate that time (haha). It was slightly late so there were not a lot of people. We were comfortably seated and the service was fast enough.

DSC_0010Cute sumo logo there. Okay, so we ordered a bento box which already included miso soup, ramen and a sushi platter. I must not let my appetite get the best of me and proceed to order more. The waiting time was around 15-20 minutes which was fair enough and we had an ample amount of time for some chit -chat.

DSC_0020Here it is. The presentation wasn’t so bad. There was a huge amount of Uni (sea urchin) served on a bowl which was a good thing! Stela was a bit hesitant though since she had not tasted sea urchin yet, plus it looked slimy and unappealing. Upon tasting though, she was surprised it tasted nice.

DSC_0026The bento box. Not much different with the others when it came to the taste and textures but still decent sized to fill a single tummy. The bean sprout appetizer has always been my fave. The gari or the ginger slices found in the middle was very useful in between the sushi platter.


Now this ramen isn’t something I’d recommend. The soup was good but the noodle and the meat surely surprised me and not in a good way. The noodle was too firm, more like partially uncooked and they were still bound together despite in i being immerse in the soup for some time. The meat was too overcooked? It instantly broke down when I started chewing but there was a slight nauseating aftertaste. The meat was a bit….aged? We didn’t finish this one. Let’s hope this one was just a slip since it was slightly late already.



Overall, Japengo wasn’t that bad. I may try to come back here (after a couple of years or so) just to try out the new stuff. The place was welcoming enough. Just be careful with your food selection. The price range is somewhere in between affordable and a big pricey. You can check out their official Facebook page here!