Zenith Smart Scale Review


Looking for an affordable smart scale? Get the Zenith 4-in-1 Wireless Smart Weighing Scale! Read on if you want to learn more about the pros and cons of this Zenith Smart Scale Review. It’s equipped with 4 features such as recording your instant health progress every time you connect it to your phone while you stand on the 4 metal sensors. It shows your body weight, body fat, water fluid, muscle mass, your Body Mass Index, BMR, bone mass and visceral fat. I bought this as a new year present to myself seeing as the holidays may clearly have made an impact on my health *cough* figure. Check out my unboxing below!


I purchased mine online via Kimstore and got it a week later. It was safely packed with bubble wrap prior to opening the box itself. It weighed at about 5kgs. What made me purchase one aside from the price was the features!


Inside the box was the scale which was fitted neatly with styrofoam and wrapped in plastic. I was honestly excited and clearly nervous to try this one out. The look and surface kinda reminds me of those old Ipods which makes it look sleek!

IMG_8696Here’s the manual which was written in several languages. You can make out the features here and further information about the product. The scale utilizes Bioeletrical Impedance Analysis technology, which takes advantage of the conductive composition found in the body’s muscle and water content, thereby making measurements more accurate.

The batteries were already provided and you just had to remove the plastic contact for it to start working. As you can see it has a bluetooth feature which connects to your phone! Be it iOS or Android.


All you simply have to do is download a third party app over at the App Store or Google Play. It’s called iWellness by Yu Hua min. Open the app and fill in your own profile and there you go! You can save up to 10 profiles in the app. To start, just step on the scale or specifically on the 4 metal sensors and viola! Your info has been recorded. Another thing I liked about it is that it shows a graph of every input that’s been recorded so you can see what day you lost and gained weight.


  • 1 unit of Zenith 4-in-1 Wireless Smart Health Scale
  • 1 Manual and User Guide
  • 4 AAA batteries


  • IOS Devices running on iOS 8 or higher
  • Smartphones or tablets running on Android 4.3 or higher
  • Must have a Bluetooth function
  • Device memory must at least be 1GB