How to: Popin’ Cookin’ Candy Bento Kit

Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ is hugely popular among candy fanatics because it’s a series of Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kits. This kit is done by simply mixing their specially packed candy powder with water. I’ve been fascinated with these babies for quite a few years now ever since I discovered the world of Konapun except that Kracie’s version are edible!2
This is the BENTO KIT which I purchased from Agent Dolly. Does that not look adorbs!? The packaging looks fun and colorful enough to make me rip up the box and excitedly go crazy with the contents. Don’t do this though because the instructions are at the back which are written in Japanese (not sure if it’s in Hiragana or Katakana so don’t ask me that ✌️). Good thing the minuscule photos are understandable. 

I also learned this product contains soybeans, egg, milk, squid. To those allergic, just don’t eat it.3

Upon opening you can see that the kit was wrapped in a foiled package which had instructions and the packaging for your candy bento. So do not throw it away just yet and be careful not to tear it up recklessly. The package contained a plastic tray for molding and measuring the water, a tiny spoon which you used to mix, a plastic bag for piping your spaghetti and the seven powder packets for making the candy food.


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Before you start opening your packets, do not forget to wash your hands first! This isn’t just a toy since you may or may not be eating this afterwards. First thing is to cut out the corner that says where to cut out because this will serve as your water measurement cup!








You can then start by adding in the powder to the molds. Do this really carefully since we don’t want a powdery mess of colored candy now do we? Start with the broccoli powder mix, do the egg roll next, then the octopus sausage. Make sure that the water touches all corners of the mold.







Do the rice balls next. This one has a different viscosity compared to the others because its fluffier and you have to form it into shapes! Mix well because we don’t want this to turn out lumpy.

Open up the sesame powder and press the rice ball powder down there. Don’t be afraid to press thoroughly.







Do the fried chicken mix next! It looks like the real thing once you form them. Ain’t it cute? Also do clean in between mixes so that the mold won’t have any extra residue from the previous mix.







Here’s another tip for the spaghetti mix. Make sure you cut out the tip of plastic bag based on the instructions because it won’t look like spaghetti if you cut the tip bigger than actually needed.


I’ll be uploading the video tutorial soon  and taste test! Here’s the English version of their instruction manual to which you can view here.

What I think about it:

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

I had fun doing the whole thing! The candies themselves smell really nice and it tastes alright. But face it, one does not make this purchase for the flavor but rather the fun factor. It was slightly messy so you had to be really careful not to get it mixed up with the others. Also, the black powder which was used for the onigiri didn’t last long and immediately melted when it came in contact with the “riceball” candy. It turned into a gloopy mess :/ and the ears didn’t stick to the face at all. Oh well, atleast I didn’t mess most of it up! This product is definitely fun for parties, sleepovers and as gifts to friends who are simply into cute edible things such as myself.

That One Time At Tawi-Tawi

I will come back Tawi-Tawi!

It was our first time to travel to Tawi-Tawi! The land of seafood, sun, sand and beaches as far as the eye can see! The locals were friendly and we made new friends! We came at the best time to get a tan!

It was a 12 hour trip going there. From Iligan to Zamboanga by bus and then a plane ride from Zamboanga to Tawi-tawi. We were ever so patient and the overnight bus ride was the best way to get a long needed shut eye. A few comforts were supposed to be sacrificed during the trip but I suppose I’ll be making an entry on how to survive a long bus with the maximum comfort possible.

We arrived by dawn around 5AM or so just enough time travel time from the bus terminal to the airport. This was going to be an exciting day! We were warmly greeted by the members of JCI Lepa Tawi-Tawi, they were our gracious hosts who accompanied us from start to finish. First thing we searched for after they picked us up at the airport was…FOOD.

They introduced us to Tiyula Itum! In truth, I had been craving for this spicy beef dish for many months now. My ate was an expert at preparing this and it has been a long time since I got to eat this fine black soup. If you’re wondering why it’s black, that’s because of the grilled coconut they mix it with. The soup color in itself is actually yellow. What a hearty dish for breakfast!


We stayed at Almari Beach Resort for the first day. One detail that surprised me was their check-in time which was at 8AM and their check-out time is at 7AM. Quite early eh? we rested for a while and then went out for lunch. A seafood platter is the best way to be welcomed when you’re at Tawi-Tawi. It comprised of fried fish, shrimps, guso (seaweed), shells, squid, crabs and on the middle was the cucumber sambal appetizer. They also served us kinilaw (fish ceviche) and kamon or mantis shrimps!

They gave us an opportunity to walk around the city for a time. You might say they gave us a city tour. After that, we hopped on an open army truck and we proceeded to go to their city hall with an amazing view of the city. We also circled around their port just to see the view of their seas.

We then returned to the place we stayed after that for a couple of hours rest and to prepare for tonight’s activity which was JCI Lepa’s inauguration of new officers. Everyone looked striking in their own way and they were ever so friendly.


We awoke early the next day because our itinerary was to visit Panampangan Island. Not a lot of people go here so you could say you’d be having the whole beach to yourselves for a time being. I’m sure Tawi-Tawi has countless of beaches just like this without the hussle and bussle of tourists.

Before that, we had the opportunity to go to Simunul. This was a 45 minute boat ride from Bongao.

Did you know? Early Muslims in the Philippines are said to have arrived at Simunul. The Sheik Karimul Makhdum mosque which is the first ever mosque in the Philippines is located here. Too bad it was being restored that time so we were only able to catch a glimpse of it yet not in its full glory. There was a long standing wooden pillar there that was as old as the mosque itself. Who couldn’t resist touching that eh?

Panampangan Island

The beach was in pristine condition, with the waters so blue and inviting. You could see every little detail from sea urchin to stone! and the weather was fortunately sunny the whole time we were at the island. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen because it really is hot out there! The tricky part though was getting to the island itself just when one was only a few meters away from the shore. Our boat had a hard time reaching the shore so we had to wade through the part of the beach that was laden with starfish and…..sea urchins!

To get here, one must have to rent out a boat. You have to haggle with the boat owner plus you’ll also have to cover for the fuel. This is recommended as a group outing since this place is quite isolated and the more, the merrier and cheaper also applies! Don’t forget to also bring food because there are no restaurants there and going to the beach can often make one quite hungry after travelling 2 hours just to get there.

There were also a couple of Badjaos during the time we were there. They offered us their catch of spider shells, fish and sea urchins! They told me that you could get as many as you want up to what you can fill yourself with for only 20php! I scarfed down all the uni I could that day.

Upon going home, strong winds and  slight drizzle of rain greeted us. I guess you could say this was nature’s way of welcoming us to the sea. Of all the things likely to happen. the boat then suddenly stopped midway and we were told that the fuel had run out! So we waited about an hour or two and during that time we went for a dip!


We took a flight back to Zamboanga on a rainy early morning the next day. Their congee at the terminal was surprisingly excellent! Do take note the next time you take a flight from Tawi-Tawi. We toured a rubber tree plantation, ate some curacha and strolled around the KCC Mall before taking the 12 hour bus ride.

Things to take note:

  • Please take note that most of the areas there don’t have secure internet connection. So you better take that leave off from that online job.
  • The phone signal is also scarce when you’re situated away from the city which I found out the hard way. We had a bit of trouble contacting our loved ones most of the time. Better anticipate that.
  • Respect their culture. Don’t try to stand out too much.
  • It is always a good idea to trust in the soldiers for added security measure when you’re traveling in groups.
  • Tawi-tawi is a Muslim province therefore alcohol will be scarce and there is no pork there.

A huge thanks to JCI Lepa Tawi-Tawi for accommodating us and a special thanks to Ms. Ina Lluch Gustilo for letting us tag along with her. Do subscribe to my youtube channel for more adventures coming from me!

Bukidnon: A Weekend at Dahilayan

Went away for the weekend to Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon! Yay! You could say this was a Dahilayan Weekend. It was lovely and windy way to de-stress from the everyday work routine by being disconnected for a while and just simply taking in a breath of cold fresh air in the mountains. I simply cannot stop pointing out that the weather was exaggeratedly windy and cold day and night! Wish I packed more jackets but this girl has to pack light. There were several things that happened along the way like missing the bus and being ushered to a detour because our mode of transportation wasn’t registered. You can check out what happened by clicking on the photos!

A Dahilayan Weekend

First things first though, there are two resorts that are adjacent to each other which are Dahilayan Forest Park and Dahilayan Adventure Park. The two have their own varied attractions therefore if you go to one, I recommend you go to the other.

Did I also tell you that there may be some rides you cannot take part in if you lean more on the heavy side. You can read more about it by clicking the photo below.

The all around cool breeze blanketed in clouds and mountain ranges. Towering pine trees and lush meadows as far as the eye can see.  This is what it means to be in Dahilayan, Bukidnon. A scene you’d never expect to see here in Mindanao and yet here I am off to spend a weekend here enjoying all it had to offer with the touch of a button thanks to an app with the best deals! I’ll tell you more about this particular app and how you can try it yourself by clicking the photo below!

Here I go eating my way around the area. Their hot coco is exquisite (you can see I’m halfway through already) that I had to go for seconds. I guess this has become my sorta food guide with what’s available in the area. P.S. Always go for pizza.

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