Fun at Cebu’s Upside Down World and Extreme Aeropark

I’m always up for something new and interesting everyday and this is no exception. Now Cebu as you may all know is quite well-known for their awesome beaches, party places and their wide array of food and also their urban lifestyle. Considering we were just staying there for a short time, we decided to go to Upside Down World and Extreme Aeropark in just one day. I’d never expect that we’d be all so tired out from the activities!

Upside Down World Cebu

Our first stop is at Upside Down World Cebu which is located at City Time Square 2nd Floor, Mandaue City. This was also my first visit, so I was expecting it looked like some sort of house but in actuality it was very spacious and the lighting made every photo shot look pretty amazing. You could say it was a modern museum of some sort. The lady at the entrance also told us that they had a Monthly Best Photo Competition and the winner gets to take home a cash prize!

Come prepared with a heap of creative poses

We were then asked to put our shoes in their designated locker, so you could either go barefoot or go around the area with your socks on! I had to adjust my eyes at first as we entered the first room. It was slightly dizzying since all the things that were supposed to be found down below were all hanging upside down from the wall. It was unusual and unsettling seeing that a neatly done bed just hang from the ceiling and even the TV that was turned on!

The Rooms

The area had a total of eleven rooms. Each having their own theme and decor which were the following:

  • Living room
  • Study room
  • Bedroom
  • Kid’s room
  • Market
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Laundry room
  • Bathroom
  • Fortune teller
  • Casino

All the staff were quite a friendly bunch! They were also very helpful and willing to assist us with our cameras and footage. One thing we didn’t think about prior to getting inside was what we were supposed to do there! We never really thought up of any decent poses and yet the staff were kind enough to suggest various poses and scenes to act out. It was hilarious aside from the fact that they totally accepted how awkward we were. It was quite a workout since you had to do several poses just to get that perfect shot!

The area was quite cool actually but as we neared the exit, we were already sweating like crazy because it felt like quite a workout. From kicking and jumping and even rolling around.


  • 250Php – Adults (13 years old and above)
  • 270Php – Special discount for kids (4-12 year olds), students (with ID) and (Senior Citizens)

Extreme Aeropark

Do you want to train to become a ninja? Been wanting to try out your Parkour skills? The you have surely come to the right place. You can enjoy the following activities while you’re there such as:

  • Laser Tag
  • Trampoline
  • Beam Fight
  • Slam Ball
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Dodge Ball
  • Wall Climbing
  • Foam Pit
  • Free Jump
  • Delta Tag
  • Ninja Arena
  • Fitness Area

For first timers like myself, you had to have some sort of record there for future visits. That’s why they take a photo of you aside from collecting your information and signing their waiver. They then lead you to a TV screen to which you had yo watch their safety regulation clip. Their stick figure illustrations were quite amusing.


Their prices vary according to the activity and day. It will be slightly higher during the weekends since there are more people during that time.

You will also be provided with grip socks before going in to the play area. Before you proceed further on though I would like to suggest that you follow up their warm up exercises or do a little bit of stretching. The play area was quite huge and they also had a snack area for the hungry. Personally, I was already sweaty and out of breath in less than an hour from all the jumping, climbing, shooting and grabbing on to things. Better bring an extra shirt with you and keep yourself hydrated at all times.

Overall my experience that day made me feel like a kid not giving a care in the world for a time. It also made me build quite an appetite that day!

Childhood Nostalgia the ZeroThreeTwo Way


There’s nothing like food from home.
Greasy food. Sugary food.
We want them all. – Carlo Villarica

032e Just got this tee from the mail! It’s from ZeroThreeTwo‘s Home Sweet Home Collection. I’ve always been an avid follower of their blog since their launch. It’s an awesome site that talks about the going ons and the pretty cool finds and places to go to whenever you’re in the Queen City of The South. Being the sweet tooth that I am, I had to get my hands it! You can purchase this shirt here. 032a I got mine in a round neck men sized medium (a personal preference). It’s available only in white (hopefully just for now!). The fabric is very lightweight and unless I’m mistaken it is made of cotton. I got mine online and the transaction itself was smooth as it could ever be. There were no hassles, just delays in the shipping though which was the courier’s responsibility already. You could also add in specific details and they pretty much answer inquiries promptly in case you’re in doubt. 032da It’s got their tag at the lower left side of the tee. Catchy tagline eh? Another thing I liked about this shirt is because it is proudly made in Cebu! 032f The print quality is fair enough. I love their theme! It truly reminds me of childhood goodies and a decent game of Boggle back when internet was almost next to nonexistent for those under the age of ten.032g It’s a personal note written by Carlo himself. They even sent in a little tote bag! I found the teensy weensy wooden camera clip extremely adorable and on point! There are more designs from the Home Sweet Home Collection which you can check out here. 032b Let’s see how this looks on the actual fitting… Not so bad eh? 032h   More at:

Trivia Night at Politics Cafe

We (Stela and I) heard that Politics Cafe hosts something they call ‘Trivia Night’ every Thursdays 9PM. Being the random fact geek that I am, I urged her that we should try it out! The cafe slash lounge itself is located at Unit 6 Escario Central, Kamputhaw.


The place was already packed with people from various walks of life and to which i’m pretty sure must have had a fondness for Quiz competitions during their younger days. The game had 3 rounds all in all. There were several categories given but they were randomly chosen. Each table had their own marker and board to which you had to write really fast because the time was less than a minute. I had no idea how they could even view which table had the right answer. It was all fast paced and very challenging. Down a couple of beers and that could be your downfall to one answer. DSC_0273

The subtitle says it all.


That’s the tally of scores and I belonged to the Pirates. Each table had a name of their own, some quite…funny? 😀

Our table totally had a lot of newbies just like us. Most of us clearly weren’t used to the fast paced answering/writing. I did my best to help out with the team but all in all it was a fun and challenging experience. DSC_0288

I’ll be focusing on their food on the next visit. The place had a nice look to it.DSC_0292

Too bad they closed a tad early though.
DSC_0293If you’re ever in for some brain wracking trivia recollection then try it out because GEEK IS THE NEW SEXY! For more information, check it out here!


Going for Indian with Firozian

I’ve been missing Biryani while Ste was craving for some Kebab for several weeks now so we decided to head on to the nearest Indian restaurant for lunch which was the Firozian Indian Tea House. It was a couple of blocks worth of walk from Fuente but a little brisk walking will always be good for the body. It was our first time so we had to rely on GPS and a printscreen for directions.


Firozian currently has two branches. The main branch which we went to is located at Don Jose Avila St., Cebu City. The other is found at IT Park. The Capitol branch is nestled between a Korean Restaurant Soul Jang Ban and a Julie’s Bakeshop. Easy to find but the parking space is limited.



I hear they’re currently renovating right now but on our visit, the place had a quaint Middle Eastern feel to it with their warm gold overtones and complimenting patterns. They had small tables good for couples or people wanting to play chess. They have board games there as well which unfortunately noticed too late because we were done with our meal. haha.


I suggest you look around first because there are many good spots considering that the curtains also serve as cubicles to which you can have your own space. You do have to take your shoes off once you step up the red floor.  The place is well ventilated and lit despite the lack of windows. The only place for sunlight to enter would be the entrance so don’t forget to keep track of time!



To the left of the entrance, you can glance up at their chalkboard menu. Menus like these are very updated compared to the regular once since they can easily change what’s available and not.


If you’re keen on looking through the actual photos, they also have the paperback menu. Considering that some of these dishes aren’t on the Filipino food dictionary. The menu also has a short description with what each dish contains. We decided to test the waters by going with light meals. Waiting time was about 15-30 minutes but I didn’t mind. Well cooked food is good food.


Here it is!  a 2 piece Chicken Kebab meal and the smell was very reminiscent to that of the food area at a Souq. It was a very hearty meal and I even liked how the tomatoes were done. How I missed the roti for this one. The kebab kind of look like overcooked chicken hotdogs but don’t let the look deter you. It’s drizzled with yogurt that has been spiced to perfection. This dish was cooked very nicely and the flavors just exploded in my mouth. DSC_0234

This basic looking chicken Biryani surely packs a punch with the spices. Now i’m not a fan of spicy food but the fire on this one didn’t deter my need to actually finish the whole thing…with help from Stela of course. I could finish off a liter of water in one sitting because of this one! It had bite-sized chicken pieces along with diced onions and a lot of spices I dare not utter and for you to discover when you visit there as well. I loved every spoonful of that yellow rice.  DSC_0241

The tables are low and there are a lot of pillows there so don’t be ashamed to cross your legs or just about sit in any position you’re comfortable with. That’s us before we start to dig in to our meal.

And the best way to end a good meal is with some Indian Chai considering that it’s a tea house after all.DSC_0251and to try out their mango Khulfi which is very much similar to an ice drop encased in a metal shot glass. This was pretty alright.

Overall, I liked the place and would very much visit again to try out the other stuff from their menu. The price was very affordable considering that my dining experience was very nice. Their food servers though weren’t a cheerful bunch that it made me think about their wages. Okay, enough about that. The whole time it made me reminisce of those on the go Indian restaurants found at the Souq. The aromatic smells just made me want to eat more spicy food and drink up some lassi to which I did but forgot to take a photo of. It’s a yogurt shake!  I was impressed with their food. I very much recommend this place to anyone who is up for spicy Indian food!

I hear that the owner Firoz, does Turkish coffee readings! but you have to contact them first at +63 905 353 1770. I look forward to that on my  next visit.

Salsa Nights at Maya

This has crossed off one on my bucket list thanks to a local couchsurfing event held every Wednesdays at Maya. Dancing has never been one of my strong points especially in public places. It was Stela who never had been much of a dancer herself who suggested to try out Salsa. All we knew about it was that it was a kind of sauce  and/or a Latin American inspired dance. Things got more interesting when we read about that it was going to be held at a Mexican themed restaurant. Back then, we’d cringe at the thought of dancing and stay at the back. I guess this time it was a great opportunity for me to come out of my shell and try out something new. The perfect time to do this would be when you’re accompanied by the introverted BFF.

DSC_0210The large doors and chandeliers made the outside slightly intimidating. I was a tad nervous and felt my anxiety starting to set in with that clammy hands. Positive thinking was the only thing that kept me going. We’ll have a good time and little by little we were conquering our fears.

It was a spiffy and very nice place and surprisingly very comfortable! The staff were very accommodating and upon knowing that it was our first time told us to prepare our dancing shoes for this one. Everybody there was friendly and I mean everybody! We were urged to take part just when we were starting to warm up in our seats. There was the  dance instructor Gene who taught us the basic steps and we learned a thing or two from him. We weren’t pros or anything but they still made us feel welcomed.


The photos turned out blurry during the night’s activities (sad) but this would be the best one to convey with how things were going at that time. I heard one guy say that it’s ridiculous that everyone was dancing! I wish I could show you what we were wearing but unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of selfies but let me tell you that we were definitely underdressed. It was understandable though since most of the people there used to it and I’m pretty sure we stuck out like sore thumbs there.


I’m not much of a drinker but their Mojitos were refreshing! Their Quesadillas were alright though we totally forgot about this one and ate it at the last minute just when we were about to leave!DSC_0181

Interesting ain’t it? These masks were hung at the ladies bathroom! I guess this was how they made guests at ease while they were doing their business. I think they look cool though and wouldn’t mind hanging one in my kitchen.DSC_0190I took a photo of this sign because we only saw this one too late just as we were about to leave. Ste and I sat by a nearby place, good thing. We got to meet new faces and talk to new people. Not just locals but also other tourists who came to have a good time and by that I meant dancing!

I’ll sit on that area some other time…DSC_0208

I was told that the event usually ends around midnight. No wonder since everybody was too busy dancing to notice the time. If you want to try out some salsa then try heading over to Maya Mexican Restaurant located at Crossroads and cross this out from your bucket list! I will deinitely indulge on the food on the next non-salsa realted visit!

Busking at The Fuente Circle

I was in  hurry to get away from the heat but paused when I passed by this busker’s performance on such a hot afternoon in Fuente. It’s a random guy  in a bright Chinese ensemble doing tricks with his DIY nunchucks made out of PVC pipes.
See the sign for yourself…

I’ll move like Bruce Lee if you drop any money or coins.Warning: Please keep your distance from me while im performing my skills and its for own safety.

Here’s a video if you want to see for yourself. Thanks for sharing your skills random nunchuck guy!

Japengo: The Return

Stela and I decided to go for a Japanese themed dinner. I decided on trying out Japengo once again since the last time was about four years ago. Another factor that led to it was that we were at Cybergate that time (haha). It was slightly late so there were not a lot of people. We were comfortably seated and the service was fast enough.

DSC_0010Cute sumo logo there. Okay, so we ordered a bento box which already included miso soup, ramen and a sushi platter. I must not let my appetite get the best of me and proceed to order more. The waiting time was around 15-20 minutes which was fair enough and we had an ample amount of time for some chit -chat.

DSC_0020Here it is. The presentation wasn’t so bad. There was a huge amount of Uni (sea urchin) served on a bowl which was a good thing! Stela was a bit hesitant though since she had not tasted sea urchin yet, plus it looked slimy and unappealing. Upon tasting though, she was surprised it tasted nice.

DSC_0026The bento box. Not much different with the others when it came to the taste and textures but still decent sized to fill a single tummy. The bean sprout appetizer has always been my fave. The gari or the ginger slices found in the middle was very useful in between the sushi platter.


Now this ramen isn’t something I’d recommend. The soup was good but the noodle and the meat surely surprised me and not in a good way. The noodle was too firm, more like partially uncooked and they were still bound together despite in i being immerse in the soup for some time. The meat was too overcooked? It instantly broke down when I started chewing but there was a slight nauseating aftertaste. The meat was a bit….aged? We didn’t finish this one. Let’s hope this one was just a slip since it was slightly late already.



Overall, Japengo wasn’t that bad. I may try to come back here (after a couple of years or so) just to try out the new stuff. The place was welcoming enough. Just be careful with your food selection. The price range is somewhere in between affordable and a big pricey. You can check out their official Facebook page here!

The Breakfast Experience at Yolk

Stela and I are quite the breakfast food fanatics so its no surprise we had to visit this all day breakfast haven called Yolk – Coffee & Breakfast. We’ve heard lots of good things about this place from the food to the ambiance and it totally met our expectations.

I liked the first table best with the natural lighting and fixtures combined (plus, it’s dibs on the wooden cube 1!) The menu was very straighforward and simple and it surely is all about the eggs.
The place had a very homey feel to it. There were various things to look at and it made me think of the owners taste in interior design. Don’t you just want to curl up and read a book right there?
Don’t bother touching the leafy hangings right there, I assure you they’re real and brittle to the touch.
Luckily for us we came at a good time because the place wasn’t packed. Just us and that korean lady you see there and of course the staff who were very nice and well oriented.
and that my  friends to the rectangular plate at the top is the Eggs Benny Bacon. It’s made up of poached eggs with bacon bits and mushrooms underneath infused with hollandaise sauce. It is then paired with some toast and a light salad for that complete meal. Quite the combination of I say so. That odd little thing on the blue plate below is their french toast in which the flavor certainly makes up for its looks.

Just look at that  rightly done toast topped with apple mash and syrup goodness. This has to be one of the best french toasts out there! Stela says it’s best paired withan extraserving of bacon.
This one right here is a variation of their eggs benny which they call the Eggs Florentine. I recommend this one for the health buff or for those who are on a ‘no-bacon diet’. Their poached eggs were perfectly done.
I mean look at this oozing eggy goodness!

For the closing remarks we tried their Espresso Panna Cotta. Now i’m not much of a coffee drinker but this dessert made me want to do another round.
If you’re ever around Mabolo Cebu City, specifically at 80 Tres Borces Street from Tuesdays to Sundays and not strapped for cash, I recommend you check this place out! The food is great, the ambience is homey  and it’s worth the second, third or possibly many trips in the future with friends, a companion or at a family setting who also had a love for breakfast food.miniDSC_1535
To know more about Yolk – Coffee & Breakfast, you can visit their official page.

Sephai’s Space

miniDSCsephai1 I’ll call this Sephai’s space. You surely don’t wanna mess with this girl or woman or somewhere in between. mininisepahai2 We’ve been good friends now for about 4 years and counting and this was I hope not the last time I’ll ever see her again. YI hope she liked this set.mininiDSC_0916aaminisephai46 It may not look like it but Sephai is quite older than you think (I am not allowed to breath a word when it comes to her age). ‘I hate it when they see me as a kid in the workplace’ she says to me while exhaling through the smoke. Back then she was quite the punk rock kid who easily gets into fights. You could say she had the fire in those placid eyes. Over time her rage became embers from dealing with other people. mininiDSC_0916aaaminiDSCsephai3I like listening to her talks. She’s quite a realist and it keeps me gounded especially when it comes to life and love. She’s been through tough times in the emotional aspect. Truth be told she’s a softy on the inside which not a lot of people see with her street cred demeanor. I like to see her as my  Onee-san

Oh and Sephai, if you’re reading this right now don’t forget that we’re always right behind you every step of the way despite the distance. Always take care of yourself and smile!


Stela and I decided to go on a short walk for a littleconversation at IT Park and theres this interesting looking place called Gusto which doubled as  an urban Italian cafe and wine bar. We headed to the entrance, took a seat and glanced at the menu.
Now at 10PM on a weekday, I found this place an ideal setting for hanging out in groups since there isn’t that much people around. The place looked very chic and of course, urban.
I’m not really a fan of fish but their Salmone Pizza was surprisingly tasty which made me an instant fan after the first bite. It had mozzarella, cream cheese. salmon and coriander to flush out that aftertaste. The crust was crunchy and the cheese combined with the salmon made me want to order another round.


Now since we’re at a wine bar it’s best to try out the wines and might I warn you they are a bit pricey if you go for a bottle but they do serve some wines by the glass. I’d strongly recommend a Pinot Noir as with what I can remember back then during my wine pairing class (listen to the experts on this one) or just asking the server what they recommend for that pairing. But us being a curious duo we decided to try the Shiraz, which was a challenge on our tastebuds. Haha. All I can say is that it did not go together but the wine was still good on its own and heavy-bodied.

Overall this post was simply about their Salmone Pizza! I liked it and would definitely order another if I visit gusto some other time. You can check out their website for more information.