That December Wedding

Spray-painting pots into gold, making little penguins from poly clay, cutting out invites were among the things I helped out with Leia’s wedding last December. But I’m not going to talk about that, I’m here to talk about this project which I will be posting. Here’s the bride’s shoes and their wine box which I customized to their request.

A December Wedding

Attending a December wedding is one of the best times to end your year. Did I also tell you that the bride and groom kept it all at a hush and nobody even posted a peep about it in social media. Everyone only knew about it a month later.

The Shoes

You’d never think that these dainty pair would be painted on eh? But they are! The placement of the design was specifically requested by the client which was inspired from a previous pair she found on Pinterest.

She especially requested a floral design with all the freedom I could do. Now first of all, it worried me that the art might fade away in due time after several uses. She assured me though that she won’t be using it but instead would keep it as one of her keepsakes.

Here’s how I did it. I sketched on to the soles with a ball point pen which I then filled in with white acrylic. Colored acrylic paint was then added with about 2-3 layers of paint. I then used a special marker to line it. As for the other side, trying to even it out was a struggle but I did manage to copy it thanks to a thin layer of paper wherein the marker ink sunk to the other side directly to the other shoe. I then did the same process with the other shoe. Scroll down for more photos!

The Wine Box

I used several layers of white acrylic paint when it came to embossing their initials on this wine box. As for the greenery surrounding it, this was directly painted without any sketching. The box itself was made by a local wood crafting shop called Memory Keepers. This took me a while to finalize since my original plan was to simply spraypaint a white matte layer for the initials but it didn’t go well as planned. I hac to redo it with brush and paint and by hand.