The Saem Eco Soul Henna Marker Brow – A Review

I have never actually prioritized my brows when it came to my usual make-up routine. I just groom and shape them once in a while when they start to run amok because I really lack the skills to highlight, fill in, shade and among other things you can possibly do to your brows. Personally, I find it slightly annoying when there are stray hairs, that is why a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do and that’s grooming them.

Okay, enough about that. I just wanted to share my review on something i’d never thought I would appreciate it’s very existence to the point that I constantly use it but only whenever I feel like I have to. Its called Eco Soul Henna Marker Brow by The Saem.

….and it stays where it should be for a very long time. Seriously, i’m thinking of never going back to eyebrow pencils and the like. I dub this product as my staple now because it is exactly what I’ve been looking for and the results are what I definitely want. It doesn’t smell weird and dries up quite fast too and I have been using it for several months now.  As you can see it comes packaged in a box that which is made from recycled materials because this brand is known to be nature friendly.

It is best recommended to use it after washing your face and before applying skincare at night. Draw the desired shape and then let it settle for about 8 hours or while you’re sleeping. I personally apply this only once and I never bring it with me unless I travel somewhere for a period of time.


What I least liked about it was its applicator because it was shaped just like an ordinary felt tip marker. It’s a bit thick at the tip and slightly tricky to put on when you’re at the parts need some precision such as the ends.


Before & After

Here is a before and after photo of my eyebrows. I only prepped my face by doing my usual facial cleaning routine to which I then applied the marker. My hair color is naturally black and the shade I have here is No. 2 which would be Dark Brown. Note that this product isn’t for the HD kind of makeup. I would not recommend this if you’re using this for shoots. It is best used for daily routines or when you’re going out because it’s technically for a very natural look and as you can see my eyebrows are slightly sparse.

An immediate effect is noticeable once it has been applied. The shade blends in perfectly after 8 hours of application plus it doesn’t come off so easily even after doing activities that make you sweat, swim and movements that involuntarily make you wipe off your brow.



Long lasting  Available in limited shades only
Sweatproof Thick marker tip

You can get one yourself at from Agent Dolly for only 350php!