13 Things You Can Do at Dahilayan Forest Park

So, thinking about what you’re gonna do once you get there? Fret not my friend! Here’s a guide to the things you can possibly do at Dahilayan Forest Park along with the information you need to know about their activities. First of all be aware that they have an entrance fee of 100PHP for adults and 50PHP for kids. There are some that have weight restrictions, and minimum people requirements. So you better be within their ideal weight measurements because they’re pretty strict about it since its part of their safety protocols. But first! Let me show you around with my photos…IMG_0212IMG_0277IMG_0622IMG_0620a

Fish Feeding (10php a pack)

Here’s one of their main view decks. You get to see a view of a bigger pond with large Tilapia, Koi and floating duck statues. This one also has a pond full of Koi fish! You can also feed them by purchasing their 10PHP fish food by the Forest Park Cafe. Don’t tell management but one actually nibbled my finger. HAHA)
IMG_0227 IMG_0230 IMG_0240

Picnicking at The Picnic Grounds (200PHP a table)

Check out their picnic grounds. This one hectare area is quite nice for a weekend family get together and yeah, I kinda went a bit crazy with the animal statues. Towering pine trees cover the area which made the sound of a passing jet plane whenever a strong breeze passed by. They had chairs and tables at the ready to which one can rent out at 200PHP which can already accommodate ten people.


tododahilayanLil’ old me going dorky with the animal statues

Zorbit (250php with the Monkey Tree Challenge)

Here’s an activity where you go zorbing down a hill. You got to have a partner though to actually be a potential candidate AND both of you must be below 70kgs. and no more than that because they don’t consider exemptions even if it exceeded about, let’s say…. 2kgs more. I really looked forward to trying this out but sadly was unable to

ATV & Buggy Trail Adventure (750PHP per head for ATV and 1,200PHP for a 2 person buggy)

Get on an ATV(all-terrain vehicle) or buggy (for two) as a guide takes you on a 3.2 km forest trail of rough terrain, steep hills, scenic views and cool weather. Take note that the ATV is good for one vehicle per person ONLY and the buggy has a maximum weight capacity of 110kgs (this is the combined total weight for two). The ride is good for about 20 minutes of fun and laughs.

Tree-top Adventure (250PHP with the Monkey Tree Challenge included)

This ladies and gents, is their tree-top adventure. A 21 stationed obstacle course located in between pine trees approximately 8-11 feet in the air. One has to have the will to climb ladders, cross floppy bridges, crawl in tunnels and even zip across just to finish this ordeal! Included in this package is the Monkey Tree Challenge as well.tododahilayan5IMG_0612 IMG_0615

Bumper Boats (150PHP. Just add 50PHP if you want to do a tandem)

This is their man-made mountain lagoon. Great for kids and adults who want to go bump in the water without taking a dip.



I find this fern head unusual with its hairy and thorny texture. But I had to touch it. *cringes

Hanging Bridge (100PHP)

This scenic bridge hangs 30-meters above ground, you to to pass this if you want to directly reach the Forest Luge. Helmets are provided of course before you do an 80-meter walk from one end to the other. Below the bridge you will see lagoons and different pathways with an all around view of nature’s glory. Note: This activity is already included if you already got the Forest Luge package.

tododahilayan3 tododahilayan4

Once you cross the bridge, it’s a playground and the Forest Luge that awaits you on the other side. The air gets pretty chilly once you get here but the view is awesome.


Forest Luge (2 rounds for 600PHP including the Hanging Bridge and Mini Golf)

This luge is part go-cart, part toboggan ride that rolls down a track with thrilling twists n’ turns and mountain views amid the cool fresh air. They got two tracks which you can pick out. I think this one varies with the speed for each luge. It’s open for all ages too!IMG_0659

 Sauna & Jacuzzi (300PHP per head 10pax)

I didn’t get to experience this since they required about 10 people to use this facility. I only got a sneak peek of this area. What I did saw was a great view and separate bathrooms for the males and females. One can either dip in the hot and bubbly 10-seater eternity Jacuzzi pool overlooking a lagoon, get all hot and steamy in the sauna, or simply sit down, relax, get a foot or head massage and breathe in all that order.


Forest Putt Mini Golf (50PHP & 150PHP for night golf)

It’s an 18-hole putting course with lush landscapes and life-sized animals, this is suitable for the young and old especially for those who like golf. I found this quite amusing considering that I have never played golf in my life and that this was my first time. P.S. my golfball reached their lettuce garden and I dare you to do a hole-in-one with their version of Mt. Kitanglad.

tododahilayan1 tododahilayan2

Other activities which I may have excluded would be…

Barrel Train (50php)

Age does not matter in this ride! Towed by an ATV is a train of animal inspired barrel that can hold up to 1 adult and 1 child at a time. It’s a 10-minute tour around the park. Safe for the little ones and the not so little ones!

Bungee Bounce (150PHP) & Net Trampoline (50PHP for 5mins.)

Once you cross the bridge, it’s a playground and the Forest Luge that awaits you on the other side. Soar up in the air up to 20 feet high, strapped in a safety harness, in the midst of cool weather and a scenic view of the mountains. Take note that they have maximum weight capacity of 30kgs. So you could say let’s just leave it to the kids…unless you’re really petite.


Boohoo no trampoline for you.

Horseback Riding (100php for 15mins.)

This isn’t part of their activities but I included this here if ever you’re in to try some horseback riding. This one was at 100PHP for 15 mins. You can find these outside of the Forest Park right by the parking area. I got to talk to a kid named Kimkim who said that he helped out during the weekends. I could see how much he cared for the horses. IMG_0374IMG_0382

So that’s about it! This place is very much recommended for families of varying sizes be it large or small, group or corporate meetings or just about anyone looking for a scenic adventure. Long walks are the norm here considering that all activities require every crevice of  your body to work! Warm-up exercises surely would help to anyone who hasn’t moved their butts in ages (like myself?haha).

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A Dahilayan Forest Park Weekend via Traveloka

The all around cool breeze blanketed in clouds and mountain ranges. Towering pine trees and lush meadows as far as the eye can see.  This is what it means to be in Dahilayan, Bukidnon. A scene you’d never expect to see here in Mindanao and yet here I am off to spend a weekend here enjoying all it had to offer with the touch of a button thanks to an app with the best deals! More below.

I stayed at Dahilayan Forest Park Resort! Located at Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon. It is nestled at the foot of Mount Kitanglad 4,700 ft. above sea level. It’s the ideal tourist destination for  families and groups with its wide array of activities which I’ll talk about later on in this post. Check-in time was 2PM while the check-out time was at 12NN. Here’s an added bonus, all checked-in guests were entitled to a 10% discount for each of their rides and activities!dahilayan9 I booked a standard room which was good for a maximum of three people. They had various room sizes to choose from which had different amenities. The one I stayed at was quite simple (no air-conditioning and TV) but that didn’t matter since my main goal was to actually disconnect from civilization by living in the mountains and the weather was currently at a very cold spell due to the LPA which resulted in a colder than usual climate. But then again this is Bukidnon with temperatures ranging from 18 to 28 °C above sea level. dahilayan5dahilayan14The room was well lit and I was in the third floor so it was quite cool and breezy. It included a ceiling fan which I never turned on because temperatures were almost freezing at night especially when you opened the windows. The room I booked had two beds (one queen sized and the other was a single bed). The only negative thing I could say about my stay was their daily housekeeping. I placed the ‘make up room’ sign prior to starting my day. I then called the hotel concierge as well requesting for my room to be made up. Sadly, when I got back after 4-5 hours, my room still wasn’t made up. Called them again asking for a follow-up and left the room for two hours but yet to no avail the room wasn’t still made up. I called the hotel concierge twice after and waited until 7PM but housekeeping never arrived. I do hope they would improve on their communication with housekeeping next time because there would be some guests who would find this unacceptable.dahilayan8
With all the fluffy pillows and comforters to myself, now it was the most comfy haven. The bed was so cozy, it was tempting to leave the room but I had to tell myself that now isn’t the right mindset to be lazy. Did I tell you they also had a complimentary breakfast that was good for two people. Mind you, they only served this until 10AM so you better be early or you’ll miss out on this one. Here are the other room amenities as well which I have listed:

  • Wi-fi (I was informed prior to my booking that there wouldn’t be wi-fi but surprise!)
  • Ceiling fan
  • Hot & cold shower
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soaps, shampoos and TP)
  • Lots of towels
  • Electric kettle
  • Drinks (bottled water and instant coffee)
  • A phone.


They had the Forest Park Cafe which served various comfort food and drinks at affordable prices. They also had a small sari-sari store for those simple needs like chips and other things you name it. The souvenir shop was nearby as well, which also sold iceberg lettuce aside from the usual knick-knacks. Their dining area was quite spacious and it looked more like a mess hall camp. No complaints here because the view was awesome and it was an open area. The staff were very accommodating and swift. As for the food, I splurged a bit considering that this weekend of fun required a lot of energy and energy comes from FOOD. I’ll talk more about it!


Okay, so now we’ve come to the part where you want to find out how I booked this place affordably. It’s all thanks to…

*drumroll* dundundun…

A trusty hotel and flight booking app called Traveloka!
It’s quite easy to use too! Plus they have their own coupons to which members can apply upon check out for a discounted price. Here are several screenshots during my actual booking. It takes 4 steps to complete your booking which are Book > Review > Pay > Voucher.


First thing I did was search the area for hotels and pick out which one suited me. Input in your check-in date and how many people and how many days will one be staying. I chose Dahilayan Forest Park Resort and then I clicked SELECT ROOM. Take note that they also have special codes which you can use to get discounts which you can find at their homepage screen!


After that you just select the needed options such as I’M BOOKING FOR MYSELF and then you can review and click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT. It then goes to a screen where you can type in your coupon code for a discount.


You can pay through the following:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Dragonpay
  • 7Eleven
  • Cebuana Lhuilier
  • ML Kwarta Padala


You can then await for the confirmation and in a couple of minutes you also get an SMS which would be your voucher summary as a confirmation that your booking was successful.

Experience the fastest way to book flights and hotels thanks to Traveloka!


You can download it free:

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