How to: Store Mushrooms The Easy Way

We had a huge wild mushroom haul a couple of days ago. The whole batch weighed at about 22lbs. and it was quite a surprise that Grandpa found them whole and untouched so he hurriedly dug them out and took them home for us to prepare. Now being the mushroom lover that I am, I was quite thankful for being given such a prize yet worried because we surely can’t eat all of them in a day. So what do you do? You prepare them for storing.

There are a lot of methods when it comes to storing fresh mushrooms and I did these by blanching and storing them. Here’s how you do it:


Clean your mushies thoroughly. Soak them in water and cut them in pieces they way you want them to be cut. Slice out the darkened parts and the base. Make sure they’re clean from the cap and gills down to the stalk.

(This took me about 2 hours to finish since I was washed and cleaned them all by myself.)



Get a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Place the mushrooms and blanch it for about 3 minutes.IMG_9188


After 3 minutes, take them out and put them in a container with ice cold water. As you can see I placed some ice cubes in mine to stop the cooking process.



Drain the mushrooms and wait for them to cool down. Bag them up in resealable container and store them in your freezer and you are done!