How To: Create Your Own Bottlenir

Got extra sand in your pockets after hitting the beach? Here’s a little DIY for making a bottlenir which can serve as a small memento for keeps or souvenirs you can give out to friends. I got this idea when I just remembered that I had a bunch of tiny bottles lying around in my room. It was supposed to be for some future craft work but I guess this is one of those. Here’s how you can store your tiny memories of places you’ve been to. An example here would be the sand found in various beaches in Siargao when I had my week long vacation. I was practically wearing the same pair of shorts for every beach outing we had and along the way I didn’t notice that I was collecting a handful of sand with me. I only realized this when I got home and did some serious laundry.



  • A tiny glass bottle (Anything that suits your fancy would be fine)
  • Cork stopper
  • Random dry objects (things you’re going to put inside)
  • Glue
  • Tweezers
  • Tiny Labels


First of all, clean your bottles if they’re dirty. Here I’ve made my own little labels and cut them out like so.


Now I put a dab of white glue to the surface. Make sure to put just an amount that’s good enough to cover the whole surface. Trust me you don’t want to put in too much because it’s going to be prtty messy later on.


Now with the use of tweezers. Carefully insert the label to the bottle without touching the sides as much as possible. This is going to be slightly messy if you put in too much glue. Slowly stick the glued surface to the side of the bottle. Keep in mind to avoid air bubbles before the glue completely dries out by apply a little bit of pressure on the unglued side. Make sure the label is aligned with the bottle. Now patiently wait for it to dry at about 15 minutes or until you can see the glue becomes clear.


Now you can fill it up with anything you like! After you do this, don’t forget to glue the sides of the stopper to the bottle and wait for it to dry before displaying or using!