She Gets Inked

Nope, that my friend ain’t me. That’s Jilly and she just had her first ever tattoo done by Junepher of F.O.D. Hardcore Tattoo Shop. She had been planning this for years and I guess this was the day to get it. I was commissioned do the design. She asked for a dragonfly to be done because she had this affinity to dragonflies. Color was very much welcomed with her request and the splatters was her suggestion.

Inked Sketch

I teased her if it hurt and all she did was smile about it while continuing on with reading a book she brought with her. The session took about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Inked with Junepher doing his thing

Here it is without the colors yet. Nicely done eh? It didn’t bleed much but then again it could be because of the location or Jilly was pretty calm about it. I even asked Junepher at some point if I could be his apprentice and he agreed if I had my own machine. Let’s see where this goes… 🙂
Inked all it needs is color

inkeddragonfly1Here’s the final output. As you can see this is the part where there was some blood letting. I’m pretty sure this was the part that stung.Another thing about this tattoo is that she has not even told her parents about it to this day considering that they’re living under the same roof. I wonder what they’re reaction will be when they find out. Now that we’re at the end of my story, I will leave you with tips I learned when you decide to get a tattoo of your own.

Tips I learned on getting your first tattoo

  • Do not get your tattoo on a whim.
  • Choose your artist wisely.
  • Custom art is what it’s all about
  • Don’t haggle with the rate.
  • It’s going to hurt but you can handle it.
  • Aftercare is extremely important.
  • The tattoo is going to itch like b**** while its healing.
  • If the tattoo has any meaning to you and you’ve been thinking about it for a while, then you’re probably not going to regret anything.

Here are some resources I’ve found along the way: