Alphabear: Bears That Spell

alphabear1I’m a sucker for cute mobile games and Alphabear is one of them. So what kind of game is it? It’s a pretty simple word puzzle game by Spry Fox and designed by Meowza. Just click the tiles with letters to spell words and collect cute bears whose powers boost your score! There’s nothing quite like killing time by clicking random letters to form a word while waiting. Watch the trailer below!

These bears accumulate and get bigger for each word you form from the board. The characters themselves are so adorably restless that I just couldn’t take my eyes off this said game with names like Fore Bear, Kissy Bear, De Bear and more! For a word game enthusiast such as myself, I love it. The game is made up of several chapters which is then separated into different boards: a big board, a timed board, a treasure board and a boss board. Check out several screenshots I made in-game below.


The first one would be the chapter page. You get to collect several bears for each chapter. The screenshot in the middle is the actual gameplay. The red blocks mean that they’ll be turning to stone soon which block the bears growth and is equivalent to only one point. You can see my bears growing to random proportions for each block cleared. These are equivalent to points at the end of the game.alphabear-screenshot1

alphabear1When you finish a board, a bear “takes a selfie” while saying random sentences using the words you made. You also get a new bear for every target you may have reached or your current bear gets powered up. But just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it’s easypeasy. The boards get harder and the quota score gets higher for every chapter. Hint: Don’t aim for long-ass words at the beginning chapters or it’s going to ask for more on the later chapters.

You can download Alphabear on Google Play (Android) and the iTunes Appstore (iOS).

What I didn’t like about it:

  • The game requires an internet connection for your progress to be saved.
  • The timed board makes your brain go on a haywire random word clicking spree.
  • Bears sleep too long. (;⌣̀_⌣́)