The Dust Bowl Period (October 2014 – April 2015)

First of all, I just want to say to those who have been reading through every once in a while that I am very sorry for that long period of not blogging at all which clearly isn’t the right way for a blog just starting out.  I know a handful, wait make that all of you may have moved to much more fruitful and active bloggers but I’m thinking this post might be a good time to explain myself. Okay here it goes… *bows*

Yes dear reader, that cliche four letter word happened ( nope, I’m not talking about that other word that requires the company of someone intimate). You know that thing when you get so consumed with the everyday routine that you can’t catch up with he things you want to do. I have  Here I am now taking a step back and pinching myself to keep on with doing the other stuff while balancing priorities.

Bop in the head for this one because this is the part where I will totally admit that procrastination and a mix of sadness had a part in me not blogging. I’m not proud to say this but there are times when my insecurities are a cause for not having the motivation to do what I want. For a lil stranger such as myself, the thought of having this little corner in the world wide web has made me slightly both in a good and bad way. I hate how  extremely self-deprecating I can be at times.

I think it’ the quarter life crisis getting to me.

So yes, that’s all I can say for now in this uncategorized post. Please be kind to me on this one and I admit the faults going on here and there *bows again*. Hopefully we can all move on from this and look forward to better posts perhaps? You may not have noticed it but I updated my layout *big smile* oh and uh…my domain name into something much more personal and the closest to it would be none other than I’m still thinking up of a decent blog title though, do you have any spare blog names lying around there? Please do share and I would be ever so glad you did and thank you for reading this post. panda1

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